Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Besties

Hello lovelies,
Hope you all having a great day wherever you are,I decided to a tag which is been going around in youtube mostly and also in some blogs. it is about some of my favorite summer items in beauty and fashion categories:  
Favorite Summer Items
1. Lip product
2. Blush
3. Nail polish
4. Liquid face product
5. Powder face product
6. Hair product
7. Eye product
8. Self Tanner (or any tanning item)
9. Fashion accessory
10. Clothing piece
1. Lip product my favorite or most used lip product is "Soft Nude" & "Nude Attitude" lipsticks by Revlon usually in weekdays when I go to office; and for the weekend I try to use the other side of spectrum like "In the Red" by Revlon or "Speak louder" by mac.

2. For Blush I intend to wear more cream blushes like "Natural" by NYX which is a very nice creamy pink color with no shimmer. and as powder ones I use more pink-peachy colors like "Orgasm" by Nars.

3. Nail Polish which I did an extended post here, but mostly I've been wearing hot pink or nude tones.

4. For liquid face product the one and only Estee Lauder double wear foundation which I talked about here in details.

5. In powder face product I would say that I rarely set my make up with powder ( because it is unnecessary in my case), and if I use, it would be a translucent powder by Physician Formula.

6. For Hair product is basically nothing, I shampoo everyday ( I know it is not good but since I workout  almost everyday, doing shampoo is inevitableI use my regular hair stuff nothing special for summer. I usually do not use hair dryer in summer times. let them air dry and the conditioner that I use after shampoo is quite moisturizing enough, so I don't get frizzy dry hair. 

7. My favorite eye product of summer will be Estee Lauder cream shadows which are great, stay put  ( talked in more details here). and also Bobbie Brown gel liners, they stay on all day and are also great for waterline.
8. Self tanner is a big NO for me, I use bronzer on my face all the time if that counts and my favorite is Soleil Tan de Channel.  bronzer posts in more details are here and here.

9. My favorite and most used fashion accessories would be rings, I don't use them a lot in winter times because of gloves and  my habit of losing them. but love me some big chunky colorful rings.they always cheer me up.

10.my Favorite clothing piece would be maxi dresses, I wore them a lot this summer because they are super light and comfortable. here some of my favs and most worn. sometimes I belt them also :)

So that would be all for me, I tag everyone of you, I always enjoy reading other people favorite stuff. 
Have a great Tuesday & splendid summer everyone :)


  1. Loving your summer besties. Loooove your collection of cocktail rings *drools* You are rocking these maxis.

  2. @Pandora`s Box thanks dear , that is very nice of you to say :) unfortunately as a result of wearing maxi dress so much this summer my legs are much paler than my hands which is quite funny :))

  3. lovely accessories you have. I am not much into makeup but learning a whole lot about products without having to spend money. Good work dear.

  4. Hi there!
    HOw are you?
    I really love these kinds of posts since I can get to know some products and add them to my wish list! I am now looking for Soleil Tan by Chanel, it definitely looks such a gorgeous product to buy next!
    Thanks for sharing your summer besties!
    XOXO from a new follower,

  5. @ Aiman thanks dear for your lovely comment xoxo
    @ Catanya, welcome to my blog dear :) hope you get you new Chanel and enjoy it , it is really good.have a great day xoxo