Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Obsession du jour : Summer nail polishes

Well, I am a nail polish junkie and there is no secret to that. I have nail polish on my nail 90% of the times and on my toes all the time I don't know why but I just enjoy that very much.
Today I thought it would be nice to talk about my favorite colors for summer, there is no specific rule on wearing specific colors for summer or winter but there are some feelings that associate with different colors, so that's why I use some colors more in summer times :) that's my personal opinion....
There are mostly colors that are hot like pink or peach; or colors that are on nude side and goes perfect with tanned skin like light purple, cream nude...; and there are blue and light green tones colors, and absolutely not dark purple, green or blue. I know neon colors are SO in this summer (like last year) but I'm not a big fan. I also don't reach for dark navy, green, gray, purple ... colors during the summer times. 

From Left to Right:
1. Revlon Lilac Pastel ( which is a purple with more pink undertone)
2. essie St.Lucia Lilac ( is a purple with more blue undertone)
3. essie secret affair (which is a very light beige with lots of  tiny shimmer, not a matte color)
4. essie Topless&Barefoot ( which is light beige, perfect nude, it's the same color of the light sand beach, LOVE it)

From Left to Right:
1Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Racy Rouge ( a hot pink-red color, perfect for toes anytime of the year and looks great on nails for summer, I love the fast drying thing but kinda have love/hate relationship with the brush) 
2. essie Fiesta ( bright medium pink that screams summer, very cheery, happy color, I love it all year around specially to pick up the mood in winter days but it's perfect for sunny summer days too)

3.Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Peachy Breeze ( LOVE this color, it's opaque peach color)
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Sonic Bloom ( orange-red color and kinda punch in the face color might not be good though for some but I love it)
5. Teenage Dream by OPI ( which is a clear color with full of glitters and that's why it looks pink, I do not wear this on my all nails because it is too much for me, just in one finger on top of another nail polish)
6. Sally Hansen xtreme wear in Caribbean Coral ( very bright orange-red color with very fine shimmer to it, I don't like the application though )

From Left to Right:
1. essie Van D'Go (LOVE LOVE the color it's a gorgeous creamy pinky peach color but I hate the formula and application it chip on the 1st day and it's a pain in you know where to get a even color without strikes )
2. Revlon in Pink Lingerie ( nice anytime color and it dries fast)

3. OPI in Kiss on the Chic ( milky tone pink color, beautiful and classy, perfect for anytime. to get an opaque finish need 3 coats though)
4. OPI in Mod About You ( very pastel, opaque baby pink color, looks very pretty on nails as well as toes. it might get streaky on the 1st coat but let it dry and then apply the 2nd one and it would be pretty)

From Left to Right
1.Sally Hansen xtreme wear in Marnie scene (gorgeous teal color. It's a blue-green colour with gold/green shimmer to it. it's very sheer though and needs at least 3 coats)
2.Revlon in Ocean Breeze ( a tealish-blue color, little bit smells like ocean when it dries, looks really good with tanned skin)
3. S
ally Hansen xtreme wear in Blue Me Away ( very pretty bright blue, great summer color)
4. China Gaze in Caribbean Blue ( very nice opaque blue with tiny tiny blue shimmers)
5. Nicole by OPI in my life saver ( is a soft, creamy and very opaque mint green, love the color ;hate the application)
There is only one color left and that is RED. I think Red colors are universal, they look good on every skin tone and every time of the year, on toes or nails; it's just the matter of finding the right  red shade for your skin. So that's all my picks for summer, what are your favorite nail polishes, love to hear your picks 
Have a great Wednesday everyone :) 

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