Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recent Book read:The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

Hello my beautiful friends, I 'm here with another book review which I finished last week. this book was lend to me by one of my friends :) and was my first book by Amy Tan.
This book is a story of eight Chinese women, four mothers who immigrated to US and their four American born daughters. each section of the book is written from each one point of view, like mothers talk about their pasts and their relationship with their daughters and vice versa. it is kinda weird but it is interesting because we hear the same story but with different voices and it shows how 2 person can see the same event differently. 
The "Joy Luck Club" started by one of the mothers who gathered her 3 friends in US and create a club that met every week ( I'm not sure about that though) and play cards and talk about their lives. the purpose of the club was to talk about their good times in the past and good times yet to come and each week with a hope to be lucky and that hope was their only joy through hard times.  although that's the name of the book, it does not focus on the club and their meetings at all !
The book shows mother-daughter relationship, it make you think about your own mother and you being as a mother yourself, the feeling of being very different from your mother but at the same time very similar! 
There were parts that I absolutely hated the mothers or daughters like the when mothers ( or in general parents) push their children to show some talent or being genius ( like playing chess or playing piano) to a point that is not fun for the child anymore and it is only for pleasing themselves or showing off their kids' talent in front of others. or when they say something embarrassing to their daughter in front of their friends which was like crushing them. I hated that daughters always tried to change or judge their mothers and did not accept that they are from different culture and background!! it was interesting to see that non of the daughters had a good relationship with their spouses which I did not know why!

Sometimes I felt that it was difficult to keep track of all the characters and their lives, but at the beginning of the book all their names is written ( who is whose daughter and mother stuff) and anytime I felt that I was lost I backed to the first page with the names. 
Another complain that I could say about this book was that I felt the chapter of each person's story finished so fast when I still wanted to go on and read more about that specific storyline. 
In overall I enjoyed her writing very much, she is a great storyteller and I could really feel the emotions in the writing. it is really smooth read, I could sit and read without noticing the time and I can just go on and on about this book....
I absolutely LOVED the book and it will always stay in my heart :) thanks to my dear friend for lending me, it was amazing. I'm gonna buy it for myself though since I go back and read my favorite parts of it.
If you are looking for a good book to read, I highly recommend this one
So what you've been reading lately ?! till next time


  1. salam azizam.
    tazegiha ye ketab daram mikhonam be esme DIVISADERO rajebe 2 ta khahar va pedareshone ke to ye mazaraae kar mikonan va ye pesario az nojavani miad onja kar mikne ba ina va kolan yekam marmoze...alabate hanuz khlei natoonestam beram jolo beeelate hamon mashghoolihaaaa :P
    vali parsal ye ketab khondam koli charecter dasht alabate khode nevisande hameye ketabash rajebe be n khanevaye ashrafi bud,ke toye har ketab dastane yek khanevadaro migoft,to hameye ketabash safeye aval shajarenameye in khanevadaro keshide bud ke ki ba ki ejdevaj kard ,ki key mord ,esme bachehash chi bud,ki zane dovom bud........
    kholase ke koli gij konanad ebud,vali dastannnn aliiiiiiiiiiii,delam khast bazam az in ketabaye classic ,duke va duchess bazi

  2. Ghazaleh joon merci az commentet, man in ketabi ke dary alan mikhoonio yadashta kardam ke shorooe konam bekhoonam :) age az ketab haye historical fiction doost dary midoonam ke nevisandeye "The Other Boleyn Girl" ye seri kamel az in ketab ha dare man hanooz shorooe nakardam vali mikham ke bekhoonameshoon be zoodi :)lol "duke va duchess bazi" hahahaa kheili bahal bood doostam;)