Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My favorite and not so favorite bronzer-Part2

Hello Lovelies,
here is the part2 of my face bronzer post, the 1st post is here:

the 3rd favorites are:
-Rhoda which is really a face powder but it's in a dark color, has a very soft texture and  blends very well.
-Revlon color stay Mineral finishing powder, on the back it says it suppose to be all over face powder but I use it as a bronzer. it has little bit of shimmer and it's my winter bronzer.
-Cargo OneBase concealer+ foundation which I got the time when Sephora were discontinuing this brand for under 10$ I think. it's a cream product in a really dark color but since it's cream it blends very well and it's perfect for contouring. and it stays put all day. 
-Joe fresh stick in Bronze, this is Canadian brand by the same guy who is one of the founder of Club Monaco (one of the brands which I have a slight obsession with). I got it last summer and it was around 6$ I think. I hate the smell but it's just a cream shimmery goes on very nicely but wish they had more colors.
-Natural Origin 2-in-1 Bronzer and Blush in color light by Physician formula, I love this brand, I never got disappointed by any of their stuff, both colors are very nice and soft. I used a lot in winter but I think it's getting too light for me now. 
-Bronzer mousse by Vichy which I talked about here

And here are the disappointments :(

-Nars in Casino: I think I got disappointed by this because I had high expectations of it ( yes being Nars and everything). I got it about 2 years ago. they come in 3 colors and when I was at the counter the lady suggested this is my color. it blends very hard and has orange undertones.if I am not careful I could end  with very intense orange color!! I kinda get used to it now and I use it with the lightest hand ever. but still it is a disappointment to me.
-Ooh La Rouge blush compact duo by Too Faced, I got it during winter time, the blush color is fine but the bronzer which suppose to be for contouring does not have any color. it is more of beige color rather than bronze and I don't know on what skin color would show ( maybe the most fair skins)!!
-Pink Leopard by Too Faced, which I can summarize as a pink-slightly bronzed disco ball. it has too much shimmer and its color comes more pink. it could be used as a light highlighter though ( use with very light hand). I used it once as a bronzer and took it off immediately :( now I just open it once in a while and look at it because it is so pretty but not on my face just in the package ;)
Hope this was helpful, wish you all a great Wednesday


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  2. I definitely love the Vichy bronzer too! :)