Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday 5

Another Friday is here and oh my this week was even faster :). well what we can do, other than  trying to take the most of the days because like it or not they go fast ...
Here are my this week's  5 favorite stuffs: 

1. Having a beautiful long weekend, I wish every week was like this: 3 days of fun weekend; well ,it's just a wish. the weather was great and we enjoyed it a LOT, did a lot of walking outside, going to movies.... I managed to start my closet cleaning and I discovered (!!) lots of stuff that I owned but kinda were forgotten due to new stuff coming on top :) so all good. 

2. Vichy cream blush in Bronze, I started to wear my cream bronzer this week ( which I had for couple of years) . I used it every day of the week. since it's a cream product it blends very well into the skin and gives a nice glowy bronzed look, exactly in placed that sun normally hit:) I use kabuki brush and blend it on back of my hand ( so I don't have excessive product on my face) and blend it to my skin then depending on how much darker I want to go I use more from my hand or not. blending it well is the key to prevent from having Adidas stripes on the face ;) believe me that I've seen faces like that.

3. This is my all time favorite song of Lifehouse and it gives me goose bumps every time I listen to them. ....Even if I lose the game, I'm all in, I'm all in for life "

4. NBA playoff games, yes I love and enjoy watching them. me and my hubby both have been into NBA playoffs for as long as I remember. this week was conference east and west finals and next week the winner of 2 conferences will play each other in 7 games and we are both cheering for Miami Heats this year against Dallas Mavericks ( which I absolutely can't stand). 

5.Reading funny books, I started another book this week and it is hilarious. I am sitting on the couch and reading and suddenly start  laughing and my hubby runs and ask me "what ... what happened... what are you laughing at ... "the book is called "One for the Money" by Janet Evanovich and it is a mystery book but her way of writing and storytelling is so funny!! I love it and it's in series so I'll be reading her books for a while :) 

That was all for this week, hope you all enjoyed your week and have a nice weekend:)


  1. salam khobi?
    man daram az khastegi mimirammmmmmm:(((((
    rasti in bronze ke mizani be hamejaye baadn mizani ya faght be sorat?baad aya spf ham dare? ye soa rasti mahi 1 ketab mikhoni ya 2 hafte ye bar ?chera ketab khondane man 1 maho nim intora tool mikeshe:((((((((

  2. salam azizam khaste nabashi, asbabato keshidi dige ?!? tamoom shod !??! in bronzer ke goftam be soorat mizanam faghat va gardan , rastesh man poostam zood tire mishe ba inke hamishe zede aftab mizanam vase hamin body bronzer estefade nemikonam , spf nadare in vali age doost dashty yesery ghablan estefade kardam ke spf dasht begoo barat begam :)
    ketab ke gofty bastegi dare bazi mogheha ye ketab yek mah tool mikeshe bazi mogheha 2 rooz, weekend ha bishtar mikhoonam va kolan hamishe ketabam too kifame har forsaty ke pish biad va bi kar sham daresh miaram mikhoonam, be nazre man oonghadr ke ketab khoondan ahamiat dare soratesh aslan ahamiat nadare doostam , mohem nist ke male to yek mah tool mikeshe azizam :) omidvaeam ke karaye asbab bekeshit khoob pish bere va betooni ye khategie dar bokoni :)