Monday, July 18, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Hello lovelies, 
hope you all had a great weekend. here was super HOT and sunny and had great times.We painted our kitchen which was a starting point in our "paint the whole place project"; it was really hard but the final result was so nice that I forgot all about the painting itself ( I took some before-after pictures which will come soon).
Today is also my last day of Sugar Free Challenge, I have to say I did not expect to finish but I did and I feel amazing :). detail post on that will come soon ( definitely this week). 

 But now back to Mondays' subject and that is what to eat this week.  so let's get down to it:
Monday : Kabab Koobide (Persian dish)
Tuesday Falafel and Tabouli Wrap
Wednesday Linguini Pasta with tuna
Thursday : Chicken stir fry
Friday:  Ravioli Lasagna
I  also participate in "Joy in my kitchen" Menu Plan Monday post. as the week progresses I will update this post with the pictures and if you like to know more details about any of the recipes please let me know ;)
Have a great week everyone :)


  1. Wow! Yummy menu plan. I loove Kabab Koobide. This and ghormay sabzi are my fav persian dishes. Oh and a chilled glass of doogh. I love Persian cuisine. Whenever I come back from Iran I have gained like 10 pounds lol. If it`s not too much trouble, could you plz post a recipe of kabab koobide. I would love to make it at home. I bought kabab paz from Iran but haven`t tried making anything on it yet. Glad to know ur kitchen project turned out well.I love before and after pics. Will you be posting details on your sugar free challenge? I`m a sugar junkie and have diabetes in my family history. This could be really inspiring. Ooops!This is one Loong comment. Sorry :) It`s just that I love reading your posts. Still looking forward to your perfume reviews. Have a great day.

  2. Thanks dear for your comment, me too love kakab and ghorme sabzi :) persian dishes are quite heavy though, it is not your fault lol. I will post the recipe soon :) I know with kabab paz will also be so delicious !

  3. Ravioli lasagna... you are making me hungry :)