Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My favorite and not so favorite bronzer-Part1

Hello lovelies,
hope you all having an excellent day. I got back from vacation ( which was AMAZING, I 'll write about it in not very far future!). I noticed that I've been very lazy on terms of blogging in the past few days. and I don't have any specific reason for that! me here just trying to survive my sugar free challenge, now on my 10th day and still doing well ( I wrote about it here), since I started my brain feels like to be in hibernated mode.! Honestly people, no sugar is HARD. enough of that now let's talk about some other sweet stuff like bronzer.
I have light-medium skin tone but I easily get tan during the summer even when I use SPF 60+!! I don't use self-tanners or anything in that category but I use face bronzer pretty much every day. they give a  really nice glow ( not disco-ball glow) to the skin and specially in winter times it gives a illusion of sun kissed face.
There are so many bronzers out there like cream ,powder bronzers or matte,shimmer ones and each in different color range. the best one out for you is basically depends on your skin type and color. here are some of the ones that I loved and at the end ( well in the next post)  the ones that kinda disappointed me :)

Just one quick note: when we apply bronzer we should have a sheer tint, a nice sun-kissed glow; not have like an orange, carrot color or burned toast or even disco ball ( and believe me I've seen that). so be careful because  I think no  one wants to look like a Oompa Loompa (expect Snooki and her followers) ;) apply with light hand and build it up gradually and don't forget to BLEND:)

Hands down the best cream bronzer I ever tried ( it has a hard creamy texture) . it's a matte color and you can use it with  light hand or build it up depending on the level of tan you want to get. when I got it I used it with my mac116 brush, it applies nicely but the brush shred ( that's why you see black hair on the bronzer, I should have take them out before the photo!!).

but now I find the perfect applicator for that and it is a small kabuki brush by ecotools. I scroll it on the product and take the excess out on the back of my hand then apply it to my face ( basically to hallows of my cheeks, my temples, under jawline and lightly on the nose). you could use this also all over the face to dark your skin tone a little.just remember when you do dark your face  like that don't forget to even out every other part of your skin that is exposed.

My 2nd favorites are : 

Hoola by Benefit because it is matte color and it blends very nicely. 
Contouring blush & bronzing powder by e.l.f : I don't care that much for the blush but the dark contour color is pretty, soft and pigmented with a very soft tiny shimmers. oh did I mentioned it was 3$. so what not to love :)
Maybelline bronzer in color sunlight ( # 10) which as you can see I almost ate it. the color and shimmer just come in  good proportion.when I get tan it's little bit light for me and it does not show but it's perfect for  winter times.
I wrote the post and discovered that it was too long so I'll post it in 2 parts, stay tuned ;)
Hope this was helpful, wish you all a great Wednesday


  1. bah bah khanum,hesabi dar tatilaat budia :)
    inpostet khlei b edarde man khord ,albate ye moshkeli daram inja ke be khatere havaye sharji kamter mitoonam cream estefade konam ,albate ye boronzer daram ke aliye age shod hatman axesho vasat to weblogam mizaram.rasti man daram az autobronzer estefade mikonam ke khlei khobeva li khob har 4 saat yekbar bayad bezanam.

  2. Ghazale joon cream products be nazare man baraye havaye sharji behtare chon vaghty powder bashe va adam sooratesh martoob mishe ba powder mix mishe va halate khoobi nadare ..rasty to koli ax gharar boode bezari tooye blog et ha ta alan man yadam narafte montazeram doostam :)