Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Estee Lauder Double Wear Shadow Creme review

Few weeks ago, Estee Lauder counter at The Bay downtown Montreal were giving a full face make up make over with a photo-shoot. I am very into makeup and beauty related things (dah..) and always into trying new products so when they asked me if I like to participate I jumped in right away.   
There I asked the make-up lady for intense smoky eye, which I think nobody asked her for that since she asked me "Really, are you sure!?" but since I was getting a photo-shoot I know with the lights and flash there if I wore any other make up ( like natural colors) it won't show.

Ok long story short, I got a smoky eye and she used cream eye shadow in color Midnight Kohl as base and then used black moon shadows ( shimmer white and dark gray) to blend the edges and make that cat eye effect on the corners. It was a wow make up and really funny looking in the middle of day, I did my photo and then tried to tone down my makeup to make it more wearable for middle of the day :). 
Picture taken at Estee Lauder counter

After the makeup session I fell in love with their cream eye shadows. they are gorgeous, I got them in 2 colors: Midnight Kohl and Precious Jade ( each 19.50 $). their formula is something between cream and powder. they have an amazing staying power, it is like they got glued to the eyelids.  their color are build-able and can be worn by themselves or as a base as powder shadows. since they have a great staying power, using them as a base for your other shadows help your make up to stay longer. 

Few weeks ago on weekend I had the green one, before going out  around 9:00 in Saturday morning and till about 2:00 in the Sunday morning, when I was removing my make up before going to bed, I still had my eye make up the same as I had in the morning; no creasing on my eye lids even though I have kinda oily eye lids. 
I love this product however since they are kinda stick to the eyelids, more caution is required for removing them. definitely  need a good make up remover and don't rub your eyelids sometimes it causes irritation and red eyelids. 

Precious Jade worn lightly in the morning before heading to office

I highly recommend these products specially if you are looking for long lasting eye shadows; and their color selection is great :). I am going to get more colors soon ;)
So are you a fan of cream eye shadows,what are your favorites ?!


  1. To ke cheshmat kheli ghashange :)
    salam doostam khobi?
    khei rangaye ghashngi gerefti,man ye pack kamel az in saye haye creamy dra,albate inja chon hava garme va sharji yekam mirize roye pelkam vali kob kheli nist.:)

  2. now this blog post made me to definitely check them out next time i'll visit a estee lauder counter :)

  3. @ghazale merCI doostam cheshat khoshgel mibine, khoobi?!? maloome saret kheili sholooge ha , mobazebe khodet bash azizam:)