Monday, January 24, 2011

Ooh weekend , I miss you already...

Weekend is gone and it is Monday morning, not my favorite day of the week, but what  you can do !
This week is crazy cold here, most of the days are -30 C and even colder. the crazy cold started from Saturday, but we managed to go out that day. it was very sunny and we went to do a few hours of cross country ski outside, which was great and we enjoyed it a lot.
So by going outside I kind of missed my Saturday yoga and meditation classes. however Sunday I went to my yoga class and decided to go downtown and do little bit of shopping ( or at least window shopping). I think I haven't been to stores ine ages ( honestly more than 2 months). but it was freezing and I couldn't walk more than few minutes outside, so I headed back home. at least I learned there is something that could keep me from shopping ;)
Currently I am reading "American wife" but it is a big book written in small prints, so it took me longer than I was expecting, I did not read any of it in the weekend. Sunday evening we went out for sushi in downtown, oh and we had green tea and red bean ice-cream for dessert which I never tried before and surprisingly they were delicious. 
oh and this song went to my head all yesterday which was making me crazy! funny thing is that, I have no idea what they are singing, but it is a really fun song and its tune is catchy. I emailed one of my friends this morning ( she was the one introduced the song to me in a first place and she is Spanish ) and asked her about the name of the song, which I did not remember :)

I made a quick crispy vegetable ( recipe here) for our lunch today last night and went to bed early. I always do little bit of breathing exercise before I go to sleep and at that moment it hit me  "wow weekend went so fast", at least I 'm glad we enjoyed it!  
So how did you spend your weekend?
Love and wish you all a nice week,

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