Monday, January 24, 2011

Nice tip for beautiful lashes

Today, I am going to talk about ( actually it is more like writing than talking but anyway) something beauty related that I everyone can benefit, since all of us have lashes!
I do use eyelash curler all the time, even the times that I don't put on mascara. for me makes a huge difference and it kind of open my eyes further.

So here is what I do, before curling my lashes, I heat up the curler with my hair blow dryer ( hold it in front of dryer for 6-10 sec). and then I curl my lashes and apply mascara; as simple as that ! you won't believe that my lashes would stayed curled from morning till I remove my make up at nights. it has the same concept of curling your hair with something heated so the curls last longer.

After applying curler
Sorry about my tired eyes, it was late at night !oh this is before applying any mascara.
I heard some people apply their curler after they applied their mascara. personally I am not comfortable with that, because mascara kind of dry the lashes and curling them in that position, make them break or fall off easier. 
Hope the tip was helpful,  so do you usually curl your lashes or like some people are terrified of eyelash-curler !


  1. What a intristing way!!! I am gonna use it asap...

  2. thanks dear, let me know if you noticed any difference :)