Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crispy Green Vegetable Cake or "ku ku Sabzi"

This is a traditional Persian food, which I really like because it is very simple to make and no matter how it is served  ( warm or cold) it is delicious . It can be served with rice or any other side dish or the way I really like it , in a sandwich.
It is vegetarian food but if you like you can also add cooked chicken or turkey breasts; still quite tasty. little bit of talk on the side that, I buy my fruits and vegetables from one store all the time, and here they are all packed already, so I did not know how much exactly I use in the recipe ( always like one bag of spinach,  leek, one bag of parsley and so on) which is not exactly a good way to tell someone else. so this week when I went to get some vegetables I notice how much exactly  is in one package and these are the exact quantities I use all the time.
So let's get down to the cooking.

Ingredients (  for 6-8 people

Parsley : 300 gr
Coriander: 300 gr
Leek ( only the green side; if you don't have you could also use green onion) : 3
Spinach: 1 bag which was 230 gr
Eggs: 4
Toasted walnuts roughly chopped: 1/2 cup
Salt and pepper: adjust it with your taste :)

Clean  ( for parsley and coriander separate the leaves and for leek separate the green part) and wash the vegetables, set aside for while so they get dry. put the vegetables in food processor and mix till they are the size as shown in the picture. you can transfer them to a clean bowl and mix the eggs, salt and pepper and walnuts. mix well till they all get uniform. in a frying pan , pour extra virgin olive oil (or any cooking oil) ,let it heat up for few seconds ( on medium heat ); then spread your green paste on it so it covers all the pan. with a back of a spoon go through the top surface so you get the same thickness all over.

Cook one side for about  10 -15minutes, then turn it over and let it get crispy for another 10-15 minutes.
If you like me, then it is not easy to turn over all at once. I slice in 4 section and then turn them one at a time. I cook mine in a small pan, because I like it little bit thick, with these amounts you could go for bigger pans. 

For a final comment; I know some people add some sour taste to it like barberry ( shown down there), but I prefer it without ; your choice.

Hope you try this and enjoy!


  1. yummyyyyyyyyy.This is one of my favorites meal,but my bad luck,my dear husband doesn't like it at all:(
    so I cook coco sabzi whenever he is not at home for lunch or dinner:)
    but there is one more problem :(I live in malaysia so most of the time I ran out of my spiceal veges which bring them from Iran to here.:(
    Now I think I can cook it one more time,and buy the veges from here:))))
    Thanks alotttttttttt azizam:*

  2. Khahesh mikonam Ghazele joon, ma inja tareh nadarim , avayel ba sabzi khoshk dorost mikardam ; vali hichi be khoobie sabzi taze nemishe ; this is the closest one we can have to our koo koo:)