Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Clarisonic poor man's version

Hello my lovely readers,
Today I would like to talk about the most intresting subject in beauty world :skin care,  and what I have been doing recently ( for a couple of months now).
Everyone has different skin type, so please note that what I experienced may be completely different from yours. As I told before I have combination skin, from time to time, I suffer from acne mostly around my chin and cheeks. and the rest of the time that my skin is clear of acne I am recovering form the spots and redness that they left me. 
I learned that there are so many factors affecting my skin, some of them can be controlled and honestly some of the are out of my power like: stress, hormones, eating, weather. so basically anything can effect the appearance of the skin. 
So other than controlling what I eat, I  just try to keep my skin ( mainly my pores) clear. I wash my face with cleanser 2 times a day, one in the morning and one in night after removing my make up.
I think I heard about this cleansing tool last year. it is called Clarisonic. It is basically a face brush that removes dead skin, oil, and dirt form pores with sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second and leaves your skin fresh and clean. I never tried it, though heard a lot of positive comments on it. I will get it one day but now I think it is a little pricey for me (around 150$ or even higher).  maybe one day...

So here is my own version of Clarisonic. it is face brush of course without the fancy sonic frequency.
I put my cleanser on it and then start to wash my face with it. it is soft but I don't press too hard , just lay it there on my skin and very gently massaging on my face . my whole face wash will take less than a minute, so I'm not standing there messaging and messaging! after that I wash and remove the cleanser with water. my skin feels so clean and vibrate. The difference is somehow like washing your teeth with tooth brush or your fingers! I could imagine how the real Clarisonic would feel like, but in a mean time I will use my own version.

It is true that it is important to have a clean skin, but is more important not to clean too much  and suck the healthy oil form your skin. too much cleaning leave the skin irritated, red and dry and totally unhealthy looking.
that's how it looks in the packaging, it comes with a white headband
I got the brush form our drugstore (Pharmaprix). I know Sephora , Sheseido also carries something like that.but I'm sure if you look around in your drugstore, you would find it, if you are willing to try the brush.
So what is your skin cleansing routine?


  1. dokhtar mano bad joor vasvaseh kardi vaseh gereftan Clarisonic ,:D


  2. Hi doostam
    my skin is like you,it kills me most of the time, specially after eating some cakes and sweets,thats very sad ,huh.....:(
    I used to wash my face with BIOSCREEN,it was a magical cleanser, unfortunately I can't find this brand in Malaysia,I bought it from Iran last I use Clean&Clear for acne,it's good.I think I should bye a brush,too.
    every time I am here in yourblog ,next day is my shopping day,so I am so happy for tommarrow:).
    dobare rooze jayze kharidane vase khodam,mersi mania joonam.:)

  3. rasti mania jan vaghean misheh ba masvak in karo kard????? yani on dastageh ke ingagdr gerooneh faght halat ino dareh ke boreso becharkhonhe ?

  4. @ Juliet joon, man rastesh dore ye beauty ina nadidam vali kheili be in chiza alaghe daram , va kolan ziad donbalesham va tahghigh ziad mikonam dar in mored :) rastesh in mesvak e makhsoose soorate, chon age ba mesvake mamooli moghayese koni, kheili narmtare vaela ke pooste adam daghoon mishe
    clarisonic kheili zarif ( be khatere vibration) pooste haye modre va oli ro az sathe poost shol mikone ke tooye pore jam nashe; man fekr mikonam az in brush mamoolie man kheili behtar bashe vali felan man ba in sar mikonam :) age clarisonic asl ro gerefty mano az nazaratet bikhabar nazari azizam:)

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  6. ghazaleh jan razi hasti az Clean&Clear .?

  7. @ Ghazale joon,if you could find Vichy there, " NORMADERM Cleansing purifying gel" is one of the best cleanser I tried , oh and I tried sooooooo many ! now I am using "Kiehl’s Ultimate White Cleansing Cream" it is ok, but I am going back to Vichy after I finished it. I am always try to find something new and better I don't know why I did not stuck with that Vichy though. which one of the "clean&clear" you use for your skin? maybe I will try that one too:)

  8. TO Juliet & Mania
    man az modele Active Clear ,acne clearing,estefade mikonam,are khobe raziam,be nazaram kheli behtar shode soratam,vali bad az inke mishoram kheli postam khosk mishe ,va hatamn bayad baadesh ya toner bezanam ya age shab bashe ke creame shab.:)
    albate hamchenan donbale Bioscreen hastam:( nemidonam chera hamsh ba oon moghayese mikonam:P