Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Books, books and more books ...

I have to admit, I am addicted to reading. it is my absolute pleasure as long as I remember. but I stopped for a while I think right after when I started going to university since I taught I don't have a lot of time. but it's been a few years that I am back on it. when I am reading a good book ,it is like I dissolve into it and I kind of become unaware of my surrounding ( not always a good thing though).

So talking about the latest books I read: I started to read the "Hunger Games" series by "Suzanne Collins". the first like 20-30 page of the first book is slow, but after that is was really hard to put the book down; wanted to know what will come next.
but that's not all, it gets even better when going further to the series which consists of 3 books:
1- Hunger games
2- Catching fire
The book is targeted for young adults, it is a violent novel so maybe  not good for people in early teens though. definitely recommend it to anyone who loves reading exciting, addictive novels with a touch of romance.
My next book will be "American Wife" by Curtis Sittenfeld, since I got it with the "Hunger Games" books.

So what have you read lately that you liked?


  1. wowwwwww,I'm so happy, finally I find someone to share my bookworm with. :)
    Actually I read the romance novel most,but sometimes feel really tired of love things...you know.... :D
    I thing it should be cool if I try your books as well.:)
    recently I change my mind and I'm reading Persian novels ,the best ones of course not teenage or girlish novels. I've finished these books such as 'cheragh ha ra man khamosh mikonam' by Zoya Pirzad,'Mahiye siahe koochak' By Samad Behrangi and so on...
    the reason that I start to read these books is just i really like our literature and our powerful anthers.
    anyway I do have lots of English noveles ,most of them are PDFs though.:P

  2. Ghazale jaan, I completely agree with you on the great literature that we have in Persian books, from time to time I switch to those too. I read the book by Zoya few years ago, it is good book. I will read the other one by Behrangi soon. I also like books by Behnoud. Have you tried this website, not bad for getting some Persian books (ketabnak.com). can't wait to share some thoughts on the boks that we're going to read :)

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