Monday, January 10, 2011

SUPERjuice for women

I don't know if your mother was like mine during your childhood but she always wanning me about how women are easily get infection down their lady parts and telling me not to sit on the floor and on and on ...! Back then the first thing came to my mid was always that "why my brother can play and sit where ever he wants by I should always be careful :(". 
I know it is true though, we are very delicate, so better to prevent any damage. 
One of the most common infection women get is "Urinary Tract Infection" or UTI. It happens basically when bacteria cling to the opening of urethra and multiplies ( though this could happen to anyone, women are more at risk than men).
So what I read several years ago about UTI; "it is proven that drinking as little as 1/4 cup ( around 50 ml ) of cranberry juice can reduce the the incidence of UTI in women". pretty amazing huh!? 

This is quite effective and at the same time simple. I never had UTI but I knew someone that actually suffered from it a lot and it is because in some women local immune are less effective than others. I recommended the super juice to her but I don't know she  actually took it seriously or not. I 've been doing it for about few years now, just one glass of cranberry juice every night. 
When I decided to post this I started to look around if there are any other health benefits coming from cranberry juice and here are some:
Antioxidants, Ear Nose and throat problem, Dental Health, protection against hearth diseases,  which are most of them are related to its ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria. 
Well it turns out to be quite a juice or I rather call it SUPERjuice.

Tip: just a tiny note that better to get the ones that are sugar free or indicate "no sugar added" on them. I prefer to get my sugars from those cakes and chocolates ;)

So don't forget your SUPERjuice ladies,


  1. Hi dear
    I really like this "superjuice",I should remind myself to buy it this time ,but what about the taste???? actually I'm not kind of adventures person in testing tastes.:( so is it bitter or sour?or something like raspberry????
    anyway.....rastsh be komaket ehtiaj daram,rastesh zade be saram ke weblog dorost konam,alabate jahaye mokhtalefio emtehhan karam mesle blogfa ,wordpress..... vali az hame behtar hamin blogspot budesh,alanam sakhatamesh vali chon khodamam tanzimatesho kardam benazarm ye kam yejooriye,be nazaret chikar konam ke kamelan dorost beshe .:(

  2. Thanks so much mania for this amazing post.

  3. @ Dear Ghazale, it is a little bit on the sour side, about the rest dear, message me your blog and we can talk about it more then (
    @ Juliet e aziz, thanks for reading and commenting dear :)