Friday, January 7, 2011

Under eye concealers

One of my lovely readers (Ghazaleh) asked me about  under eye concealer, so this is for you dear and of course anyone  interested:

I do have under eye circles but they are not very dark, but when I am tired they go kind of more hallow. I went home and looked at my makeup drawer and separated all my concealers, so here they are. the first thing that comes in my mind is " what is wrong with me" and 2nd one is I have to use these stuff more.
1-Boi-ing- An industrial-strength concealer by Benefit; 2- Select Moisturecover by MAC;3-L'real True match;4-Forget it concealer by Biotherm;5-Radiant Glow by No7;6-Gentle cover concealer stick by physicians formula
Correcting and concealing this area is very easy and at the same time tricky, because you could end up with a natural look or a complete disaster. it is sort of like photoshopping your face.
In general  yellow or peachy tone concealers are good for dark circles under eye and get them in one shade lighter that your foundation ( sometimes 2 shade lighter for very dark circles).
Before applying your concealer ( or in general your makeup) you need to moisturize the under eye area ( and your face) this will help the concealer to blend well and prevent any "caking" effect.
There are 2 types of concealer, the ones that reflect the light which are good for areas that have shadows like under eyes or the area between your cheeks and nose.
The 2nd group are the opaque ones that are good for covering blemishes or redness in the face area.

How to conceal under eye:
If you look to the mirror your face slightly down you will see the exact position of under eye circle. now look straight to the mirror and apply the cream in areas that have shadow. the shape of under eye circle is different from person to person but in general you could start from your inner corner  and come down stopping before completing the half circle.
That's how I apply it; looks like this before blending of course ;)
To blend use a concealer brush or your fingers, slightly dab it on the area ( do not rub at all) and blend it with your face so there won't be any visible lines of concealer.
Concealer brush, but the best is to use your fingers 
The issue some people have with under eye area is that they kind of go hallow as well. so to fix that it is better to use silicone based concealer that contour the eye area and fills the fine lines as they conceals .
Tip: if your concealer does not have silicon in it you could set it with a powder like "PowderFlage by Benefit".
PowderFlage by Benefit
For the rest of the face after you applied your foundation take a small brush and put concealer on the areas that are red or you have scares or blemishes and blend it with your fingers. be careful with the shade you go or you will end up with big areas of discoloration which is much worse than redness.

Thoughts on my concealers:
My favorite would be Boi-ing by benefit, it covers and blends very well, it comes in 3 shades I have the medium one. but sometimes I don't have that much of dark circles but I want little bit of highlight under my eye; in those times I use "No7 radiant Glow"; it has medium coverage but very nice as illuminator.
I also liked the l'oreal true match but find the color that is best for you. it is a good one. I don't care that much for the rest shown in first picture.
If you live in a place that you have different cosmetic brands counters, go there and ask them about their concealers, definitely  try different brands and different colors before buying.

My everyday use:
I use Garnier Anti-Dark circle eye roller which is kind of 2-in-1 product every day. it is moisturizer with a little hint of color that  I think suits most skin types. I will talk about it in more details in a review post, soon.

So hope this was useful and let me know about your tips and comments :)


  1. Hi Honey
    you surprised me alottttttt.<3
    Now I know What should I buy,I think I'll go for Garnier anti-dark. but before I have to try the others one as well;)
    I'll let you know asap I get mine:)
    I'm so lucky to have you " my dear far far away friend".

  2. Ghazale joon , your comments always makes me happy , waiting for your feedback on the Garnier one dear ;) in my opinion it would be better if you start with Garnier and see if you feel you need more coverage ,then go to get the actual concealer my dear friend :)