Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Healthy cuticles & nails

Hello , here I am again with another beauty related post. today I am going to talk about nails :) there are some important points related to nails like cuticles.

What are the cuticles: cuticles are the dead skin at the start of the nail. they connect the skin to the nail. they are dead skin yes but they are there to protect the new grown nail ( which is under the cuticles) . so we should not push them back or cut them at all, because there won't be anything there to protect the new nails and that will lead to nail damage or infection. 

So "NO PUSH" , "NO CUT".
If you have done your nails with a professional people, you know they put a cream on the cuticles and soak them in warm water to soften them and then they push them back (  # 1 shown in below) and then cut them ( #2 shown below). I do my nails in a salon almost every 2 months. so why people like me push and cut their cuticles, even though we know it is bad !?!
1- sorry don't know the exact name( think cuticle pusher!) , one side is for pushing back cuticles and other side for cleaning under and sides of nails;2-cuticle nipper by Revlon; 3- Sally Hansen Nourishing cuticle remover cream; 4-cuticle remover cream bought at place I get my nails done;5- cuticle oil
The problem with cuticles is that, they get dry very fast and when they are dry, they get on my nerves and makes my nails looks unhealthy; not good at all. so I have no choice to cut them :( 
BUT what I started doing last year was I moisturize them heavily and frequently. at first I started with heavy moisturizer and oils ( the ones that are specifically for cuticles), but now I use body butter or any  kind of good hand cream.
1-Body butter by body shop;2- lemony flutter cuticle butter ( little goes a long way);3-cuticle oil
So over the time they started to get better and now it's been about 1 month and a half that I got my nails done but they still look quite good and I think I could go longer without getting a manicure. 
Something as simple as a baby oil also works quite well. put them on your cuticles ( right after you washed your hands and it is still wet, baby oil locks the moisture in your skin) and message them. 
I hope this was helpful, so how do you treat your cuticles?


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