Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That's the way I like it, aha aha ( pizza time)

I am a big fan of pizza, it is one of my favorite foods, it is easy and honestly it does not have any specific rules of cooking, just have fun with it.  the way I like it, is with lots and lots of cheese. I know, cheese is not an healthy things to eat a lot, or maybe for people that are watching their weights. but I do love cheese and I don't really count calories or anything ( which is a bad thing) .

Ingredients ( you could adjust it with your own taste) :
Mushroom 1/2 cup
Green bell pepper 2/3 cup
Beef salami: 1/2 cup
Black olive: 2 tablespoon
Mozzarella shredded cheese: as much as you like
Green onion sliced: 1

I bought the bread for grocery store and it came with its own tomato sauce. so first I heat the oven to 350F . then I put the bread on a pizza pan and put it in the oven for 3-4 minutes.
Of course at this point all the ingredients are cut to small pieces. then I  put the sauce and spread it all over the bread, just leave a thin layer on the outer line of the bread white ( if you don't ,like me, the part of the sauce that is not covered with anything will get burned). so spread a thin layer of cheese on the top of the sauce and put the rest of your toppings ( the thin layer of cheese acts like a glue and attach the toppings to the tomato sauce) .

Pop this in the oven, for about 8-10 minutes let it cook at 350 F and then turn the top of the oven on and leave it for about 4-5 minutes or till the time that you feel the toppings are 80% cooked. the take out from the oven and cover the top generously with cheese. and pop it back to the oven ( cook when only the top is on) .  cook till the cheese are melted. take out and sprinkle the top with green onion, let the pizza cool down and then cut and serve it when it is little cooler , enjoy!

Comments: if you use part skim mozzarella instead of the normal ones, you need less time in the oven or they will burn,so be careful with that. it will be even more delicious with home-made bread and sauce, so that 's what we are going to do next time. I really like my pizza cheese to stretch out when I am taking a slice ( just like in TV!) so that's why cheese and lots of cheese is important to me. you can add any kind of topping: meat, all vegetarian, shrimps. once, I had pizza with pineapple as topping, so be adventurous.

So hope you liked it; how do you like your pizza?

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