Monday, January 3, 2011

New year is here....

Hi my lovely readers,
Happy new year to all of you, may this year bring  more and new prosperity, love and happiness in your life.
I was  on vacation from Dec. 22 and just came back today. we went to a cottage close by to our city for a couple of days which was very very relaxing.
Here is me walking in the snow, enjoying the white and cold outdoors :)
Then we came back home and the next day we went to Toronto and stayed with our friends for couple of days. we also visited Niagara falls and Toronto city itself.

View of the Fall from top ( just half of it)
just a beautiful tree in Falls' Casino area
It turned out to be a great vacation, which I needed so bad. I read some good books, finished about 4 magazines;which I am subscribed and did not have time to read since November; did some shopping which is always fun.
Our friend had a party for new year where I met amazing new people. she made her signature cheeses cake, which I got her recipe and made my first cheese cake last year ( here is the link to her recipe)

I wish you all the best in 2011 and till the next post bye :)

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