Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Products I won't repurchase series- E3: NARS Sheer Matte Foundation

I was in a hunt for a new and good foundation. Being a  fan of NARS cosmetics I decided to try one of theirs; with research my choice was narrowed to Nars Sheer Glow.

Just a quick note that I have combination skin which I guess is the most common type, little oily on the T-zone and normal in the rest of the my face. 
I went to the NARS counter and the lady who worked there recommended me the Matte one and convinced me since I have combination skin, specially in the summer time, the sheer glow one will look too glow-ii and kind of oily and shinny so I would be better off with the Matte one. 
She tested on part of my face and it was ok, so I got it. 

Let me just describe the foundation in just one word: Garbage. it is so dry that I can not blend it, where ever I put, it dry like a stain and if I try too hard to blend it it starts to shred and comes off. and the worse part of it it does not have pump !so you have to figure out a system to take out the amount you need and not waste the product.
It was a really big disappointment to me since I paid about 55 $ for it. the bad part was that I throw out the packaging so I could n't return it either. 
So now what I do with it, I mix it with other foundation; since it has a nice yellow undertone to it, I use it as color corrector to my other foundations that lacks the undertone color. 
There are some good points to it which are ,having a nice color, being oil free and medium coverage. it  probably will work well with very oily skins which I don't have. 

In the final note I wanted to add that don't expect your foundation to cover everything or don't try that because you will end up with face covered with layers and layers of foundation. use it to get an even colored skin and then cover any blemishes or small spots with concealer. blend your foundation well to prevent any lines on the areas that you didn't put foundation.
So here is my take on this foundation, till next time :)


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  2. OMG!I have this priblem as well,but I can't apply any foundation in this tropical weather,:)
    anyway,I am looking for good concealer for my dark circle(As I told you before )so do you have any suggestion?I need it just for working hours when I am out in office,I don't know what to do.......:)