Wednesday, December 22, 2010

YOGA series: E2- OHM

So here I am again, with the Yoga post series. this week I want to talk about OHM which is chanted in the beginning or at the end of Yoga classes (or both actually, seen all the 3 versions).
I am sure you all had affected by music at least once in your life. Music is a universal language and often it changes our mood. well OHM is a universal sound that brings us back to wholeness.

OHM symbol is a sacred syllable in Hinduism,  which I won't go into that, here. it is made up of three Sanskrit letters: aa, au and ma. 
There are so many different definitions and beliefs on this word. but I am personally aware and read about some.
One says that the vibration and movement that is caused in us by chanting OHM allows us to recognize the movement of whole universe( like setting and rising of the sun and moon, water in rivers and seas,and beating of our hearts). 
another one that I know is that OHM is an eternal sound that covers all in the past. present and future.  it is also believed that the sound of OHM covers all the sound in the whole world. 
Yeah there is a lot written about the ohm,  but easiest way to understand it is to actually do it.  
So close your eyes, in a quiet place and let your body relax and release your mind from your daily stuff. then take a full breath and slowly let the air out from your mouth with a sound of "Au" which will goes to the sound of "o" as you continue. about half way through of your exhalation, start to close your lips; by doing this the sound becomes as "mmmmm" naturally. by releasing the last part of your breath you could feel the vibration inside your . over the time the practice will be improved and you could feel the vibration all over your body and try to go deeper each time.
Hope you enjoy , Namaste!

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