Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Physicians Formula: Eye booster,eyeliner-serum review

Few months ago I came across this product at pharmaprix and it was on sale for 10.99 $ ( I think reduced about 30% or something). On the package it says it is a eyelash serum and eye-linear at same time. And I thought I should give it try and  got it in color black.

It is like a marker but with a softer applicator. I am a little clumsy in eye lining thing but felt really comfortable while applying it. No mess, out of line, too thick, too thin problems at all. It applies perfectly and very smoothly.

Now there are 2 different categories to look at:
Long lasting ( up to 24 hr as claimed on the package): Important point to consider is that is NOT waterproof  or water-resistant (although it claimed to be water resistance on the package!!) so if you have teary eyes like me (usually in the afternoons or due to allergies) it will wash off. But other than that it is quite long lasting but definitely not up to 24 hours.

2nd point is its lash boosting claim, well I used it for a month and half every day and it did not affect my lashes, I read reviews online and  for some people would work and some not. Actually on its ad says “100% of women noticed longer lashes”  to me that is a very bold statement to make, nothing is 100% and it definitely wasn't the case here either.
On the leftL'Oreal Linuer Intense Eyeliner Carbon Black
On the right: eye-booster by Physicians Formula in Black
The color black is little bit like gray-blackish and compared to L'Oreal Linuer Intense Eyeliner Carbon Black. 
However the application to me is much better than the loreal one.I have it probably for more than 2 months and used it quite often but it is going strong and no signs of drying so far. I definitely would repurchase it again (actually I did and this time in ultra-black color). it is a good eye-liner but it does not stay up to 24 hr and it may or may not boost your eyelashes ( so keep that in mind). 

That was my takes on this product. Have a great Tuesday everyone :)


  1. salam maniajoon
    man ham az in eye liner daram albate manzooram in forme majikish hast,manam chon nemitoonam ba khate cheshme mamooli kar konam,behtarin chiz baram hamine,albate alan ke tamom shode vali bazam azash estefade mikonam,yani ghalamesho mizanam to mayee khat cheshm ,rahat bahash mikesham,khlei khobeeeee :)

  2. salam ghazaleh joon , che idea e khoobi gofty , manam in tamoom shod az ghalamesh estefade mikonam , kheili rahate in majikia ;) merci azizam