Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Personal Trainer

This post is something that I've been meaning to do for a while. as you know I do workout quite often and I really enjoy it. it's not something that I must do, it is something that I LOVE to do. and I am not absolutely a diet person, I can not ban myself from eating something because I know myself very well and if do so, I go crazy. so if I feel like eating a cake, ice-cream, cheese-burger with fries,... I'll eat it without any regrets :)
I know a lot of people do not need to workout to keep their weight constant or stay in shape but to me doing regular exercise is not about staying thin or stuff like that. it is important to stay healthy and it definitely have a huge impact on your day to day activities.   
So to me everyone should do exercise but I don't walk around tell people that ( even my close friends)  because it's non of my business. but just to make that clear; no matter you're thin or overweight or normal, you need to exercise regularly due to health reasons.
so back to the subject of personal trainer, and why I think it's important to have one:
I consider myself a good researcher, I basically can dig anything out and I know if I want to write a routine for myself I just need to Google that. and believe me I used to do that. but sometimes you feel you're doing a really hard workout but do not see the results as you expected which was the case for me. and the reason for that is maybe that kind of workout was not suitable for you or you're maybe doing it wrong ( even just the tiniest details).
So that's why the role of a personal trainer becomes important. a personal trainer is someone who knows what works for you ( well not all of them , there is always a good and a bad in everything).  I had about 3 of those for the past 2 years and the last one who I am still working with, actually was the best for me. 
The first 2 ones, well they knew what they were talking about but honestly the program they gave me was not for me, because I absolutely hated the routines and did not keep up with them. 
so when I talked with my latest one, I told her the story and told her I need something short and effective. I don't want to live in the gym basically ;) I don't care about weight loss because it will come eventually. I just want to get rid of that "jigily movements" in my body and make stronger muscles. she did a fitness test and gave me a routine which takes about 40-45 minutes including the warm-up and short breaks between each sets.  it involves weights and fitness ball which was little hard for me at beginning but I got used to it very fast. I do the routine 2-3 times a week for 2.5 months now. 
It's been about 2 weeks now that I am getting so many complements from people that I don't know ( in the gym ) and they are like " wow you look good... or you lost weight .." stuff like that and all I can say at that moment as response  is "...... since when you noticed that .." which I don't really say and just reply .." OH thanks, that's very sweet of you !!" but I think they read in my face and add .." I take the same class as you ..". so all these comments made me think that the only difference in my workout routine was my new program and damn it's been working :) and I finally find my perfect personal trainer.
on the side note: some people are just so nice, honestly a simple nice complement can make people's day. you never know :)
so I just wanted to share this taught with you and if you 're doing your workout but don't see your preferable results maybe it is better to consult a professional. and just as final notes, be honest with them and tell them exactly what you want to achieve; tell them your habits on eating, workouts.. (even if sometimes they are embarrassing). and if you don't feel comfortable with something tell them because there might be huge chance you skip that step. sorry about this long rambling post :)
Oh and one final thing, if you are in Montreal area and looking for a good personal trainer let me know because mine did an amazing job. 
Have a great Wednesday everyone :)

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  1. I SO wish I could justify a personal trainer right now!