Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Obsession du jour : Dear Sam Edelman...

I've been obsessed with your shoe designs as long as I remember and I can summarize all in one sentence " I love your shoes " and that's all ;)
Well to be honest I love the shoes hate their prices most of the times; but this week at "The Bay" stores they were on sale for 30% or something like that ;so I ran there as soon as I could.  I probably tried about 20 pairs or even more and as usual most of my favorite ones were sold out. the sale person managed to find one for me :) and I got it; yooohoo !well I wanted to get more but I controlled myself ;)
This is the one I got :)

This one I had on my list for a LONG time ...a coral cute flat :), it was from last year collection I think.
They had a lot of gladiator styles but I was looking for something with heels and I had enough of those gladiator styles already ( from last summers since they been in style for a couple of years now) but they are very nice too :)
So for any shoe lover out there, let's all enjoy them together :)
These were all sold out in my size so I gave up ( for now !) . I love wedge shoes, still enjoying the height with a comfortable feel :)
Happy Wednesday everyone :)


  1. wowwwwww dokhtar ajab kafshe ghashngiyeeeee.delam khast ,makhsosan inke man ashghe leopard print hastam,mobarak bashe doostam.
    rastesh inja man nadidam in marke kafsho,vali diruz ye marki didam ke kafshahs to hamin mayehast,.be esme ALDO ,vali geymatash yekam balast,makhsosan alan ke dge sare kar nemiram.:(
    vali migardam ba gheymt monasebesho peyda mikonam,age beshe ke migardam mesle kafsheto peyda mikonam :P

  2. salam ghazaleh joon :) Aldo shoes inja kheili ziade , man chand model daram azashoon vali mamoolan paye mano mizane , vase toolani modat khoob nistesh...sam edelman shoes inja ham kheili ziad nistesh man tako took didam shayad too US bishtar bashe ..:P