Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Hair besties series- E3: MACADAMIA NATURAL OIL Deep Repair Masque

I am a big fan of hair masques in general however some of them works amazing and some of them do nothing and basically are waste of money.
One of my all time favorite is "Macadamia Natural Oil deep repair masque". this line is a rather expensive hair care and I only used their masque ( have no idea about how the rest are). 
Hair masques are mostly for deep conditioning.  after the regular shampoo, you put it all over the hair and wait for a couple of minutes; then rinse it with water.
Macadamia hair mask is really good one out there specially for dry and damaged hair. it is a combination of Macadamia, Argan, chamomile oils with tee tree, aloe and algae extract ( all that good stuff).before I cut my hair short I used it once a week since my hair ends at that point was very dry and damaged ; it made my hair silky, shinny and so soft and it also smells nice. but now I only  use it every 2 weeks or so.
Just keep in mind that it does not repair the hair and solve the breakage or something though, it makes the hair LOOK healthier. it makes the dry ends look softer.so there are still split ends there but less annoying ;)
I personally do not recommend using it more than once a week, it might make hair look hair greasy rather than healthy and shinny. also by using it more frequently, it may cause buildup in the hair which results in "not working anymore". so use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the build up and then back to use the masque. so the most important point is "do not over use". I noticed the change in my hair right after my first use. you can tell right away that it moisturizes your hair.

Some people think because it says Natural on the name this is a natural product. well, it is not. it is only because the oils are all natural but there is still bunch of other chemicals in there. 
I  LOVE this product and highly recommend it :)
Hope this was helpfull for anyone looking for a good hair masque or hair treatment.
Wish you all a nice Tuesday :)


  1. salam maniajoon
    man mohamo fer kardm vali moaasefane tahala natoonestam ye kerem ya roghane hobi vaseye moham peyd konam ke kamtar vez beshe to in havaye sharji.age chizi soragh dari begu.mersi
    love u

  2. ghazale joon man oon moghe ke fer bood mooham az "har cream" for curly hair estefade mikardam ke hatman roosh anto freez ham neveshte bashe:) man mark "Mark Anthony" be mooham khoob bood, vali Garnier va Loreal ham ye modat estefade mikardam ... Anti freez kheili mooheme
    va inke chon perm estefade az chemical hast moo ro damage mikone , be nazare man hatman az yek conditionesr khoob ya hair mask estefade kon :) man 30 min ghabl az inke beram doosh begiram moohamo olive oil ya coconut oil mizadam ke az halate khoshk va frizz dar biad : kheili khoob bood ..