Monday, May 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

This week will be the start of our BBQ for this year. I know we are little late and most people already started but we are kinda lazy ;)
Monday :Chicken Brochette 
Tuesday Zucchini calzone
Wednesday : Beef & vegetable Lasagna 
Thursday : Cajun Shrimp and Rice 
Friday : stuffed salmon ( with Shrimp, scallop) and vegetables 
Like last week I will update this post with the pictures and also participate in Laura's Menu Plan Monday post. if you like to know more details about any of the recipes please let me know ;)
Have a great week everyone :)
P.S. here are the pictures:
Monday: well, we did not do BBQ since it was raining like crazy & it was COLD .. so I just put the chickens in the oven. had it with rice and salad :)
Tuesday :with my favorite side dish  ;) oh I always make the dough myself, usually on Sundays and keep them in the fridge till their day comes ;)
This week my hubby was away in a business trip so I was all alone, and surprisingly I cooked for myself which is odd ( to me of coarse). but it is hard to adjust the ingredients for one person so I ended up with 1 more lasagna so I did not cook Thursday and just finished my lasagna :)

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