Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Obsession du jour :Maxi dress

Maxi dresses for summer have been in style for a couple of years now and this year they are even bigger than ever you see them everywhere.  and what not to love: they are very comfortable and also so versatile. I know for some people is love/ hate relationship with maxi dress but I think it's just the matter of finding the right cut and pattern for yourself. 
I have quite a few of those and last weekend I went shopping with one of my friends and we both ended up buying some maxi dresses which we both loved :)
As I mentioned before they are so versatile, you can dress them up for going out in the evening or wear them casually to the beach or at any other summer day activities; it just needs to be accessoriesed accordingly.  
There are so many different models and cuts out there, I personally love the empire waist ( since they have a nice structure and it works with my body type). for the rest of them if they don't have a specific shape to them I just use a proper belt to shape them the way I want; pair them with a casual blazer ( like in jeans fabric) or with a light cardigan.  the fabric is also important; for summer times cotton is the best and I also love jersey since they are so light ,flow-y and comfortable.
Here are some of the images of different runway shows of 2011 which were my picks: 
D&G summer spring 2011 show

Channel Resort 2011

Chloe 2011, specially love the color

Michael Kors spring/summer 2011

The last one which is the most simple one; I bought  the same model but in orange color last week ( from F21 which was about 12 $ and the Michael Kors one is about 130$). by itself I think it's little bit boring and it definitely needs a belt or another really nice  accessories. 

This post really put me in the mood for summer, I am doing my spring-summer closet cleaning this week and can't wait to dig out my last year's dresses and also shop for some new ones :)
So what is your relation with maxi dresses : Love them or Hate them?!?
Till next time :)


  1. Manijoon mersi golam az rahnameet baraye moham.booos barat :*
    hala berim sare in maxiha...
    rastesh manam klei doost daram vali tahala nakharidam,faghat chanta damanesho daram ke kenare darya faght miposham,yejooraye hes mikonam be form heykalam nemiad,ghadamo khlei kootahtar mikone.:(

  2. khahesh mikonam ghazale joon :) maxi skirt ham in tabestoon kheili mode shode dobare, kari ke mitooni inke ke kamar band estefade koni (albate kami balatar az jaye aslish) ke ghaadeto bolandtar neshooon bede, hamintor top ke mipooshi tarjihan ghoshad nabashe chon oon moghe shape e body to az dast midi chon damane maxi ham mamoolan goshad e :) kolan indo chiz kheili rahatan ...:)

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