Saturday, February 26, 2011

Products I won'n repurchase series- E4: Biotherm Age Fitness Yeux Power2

I have to say I am not a big fan of Biotherm products, I tried a lot of them and each one came with disappointment and maybe if it wasn't an expensive line I was not bother that much. But when you pay about 50$ for a 15 ml eye-cream you kind of expect something more from the 20$ ones. I got this eye-cream few months ago but started to use it around January since I had other stuff to finish. 
On Biotherm website there is a little description for it :
"Age Fitness Yeux Power 2 with pure olive leaf concentrate + pure olive extracts.
Specifically developed to target the first signs of aging around the eyes, the area of the face where they appear the earliest. 
Immediately smoothes the skin and helps relieve signs of fatigue. Day after day, fine lines are visibly reduced and your complexion regains its sparkle."
First of all the product suppose to be moisturizing, which is not that much and I personally used it more often since I did not felt its moisture effect ( so I ran out of it so fast). But sometimes it is not necessary to put more, just one pump would be enough but because it dose not feel good, I put more and that would be waste of products; and this is quite surprising for me because they claim to have olive extracts ( it seems to me it is tiny bit there)
My 2nd complain is about their claim "fine lines are visibly reduced ". I am at my late 20s and I certainly have "fine" lines under my eyes and I did not see any change on them due to use of this cream. 
So to express my opinion in a more condense way: beautifully packed, very expensive and very ineffective. anyone could get easily something else in much better price and get better results. 
Wish you all a very nice weekend :)

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