Thursday, February 24, 2011

Painted veil

Last weekend we watched "The Painted Veil" movie with our friends. the movie is plotted around 1920s (I think); and it is story of two person who have absolutely nothing in common. Walter ( played by Edward Norton)  who is a smart, shy and rather unsocial person falls in love with Kitty ( Naomi Watts) who is a social girl, loves going out, playing piano and basically loves being the center of attention.  even they have nothing in common they got married ( for reasons you 'll find out if you watch the movie) and because of Walter's work they move to China and then things happens ( which I can not tell you if you want to watch) and they move to the cholera struck region where Walter is busy with his works and Kitty only have one English speaker neighbor ( which is very hard for someone like her).
This movie is absolutely beautiful. it shows how the couple begins to see each other for what they really are and the coldness between them replaced by love after their marriage. It is a progression story of both of them toward a point that they meet each other. it shows that people are complex and they hurt one another but what is important is the healing after. 
The place and the surroundings in this movie is amazing and also the acting. it really transfers you to that time. It is romantic movie but not those cheesy ones so probably if you are into romantic movies you will enjoy it regardless of your gender preferences. It made me cry ( and I have to tell you I cry in sad moments as well as happy ones; so you never know) 
Have you seen this movie or any other non-cheesy romantic movies lately ?!


  1. Wow that sounds really interesting actually. I have never heard of it but now I want to watch it!!

  2. i could watch it over and over and never tire of it. a heart breaking but beautiful love story.

  3. yes It is beautiful indeed :x:x