Saturday, February 5, 2011

In the Giving Tree story, are we the tree or the boy?!?

Have you read the story of "Giving Tree"?! it is one of the most simple and touching stories I ever read. It is a children book but reading it you realize how deep it is and how different one can look at the story.The tree character shows someone that is always a giver and he is happy when there is something he can offer. on the other side there is the boy which is always a taker ( although we don't know how he is with others but for sure with the tree he is a taker). Throughout our life we met people that belonged to one of these 2 groups or somewhere in between. The boy can be seen as selfish or very reasonable and the tree can be seen as someone who sacrifice himself for the sake of others or someone that is selfless. 
I was reading the story ( probably for the 100th times) few days ago and I was thinking that the happiness of the tree and the boy was very dependence of someone or something else; tree was happy when the boy was around and needed something ( actually the only time the tree was sad was when he didn't have anything to give to the boy) or the boy was happy when he had money, house, boat. ....
When our happiness depends on someone or something else, there is a huge possibility that it is won't be stable.It is just much better to be happy without any reason and I found  that few months ago, simple reason like being healthy, be able to spend time with your loved ones and just enjoying their company, just by relaxing on the couch beside your significant other or the most simplest things; basically being happy because there is no reason not to be. and that's how I want to be :)
If you had not read the book, here is a short and old video with the voice of Shel Silverstein himself.
The story makes me sad and I hate the boy ( kind of ) but honestly how many of us behave or seen like the boy in real life?!


  1. Salam doosatam
    ghblana yadame in ketabo khonde budam vali farsisho albate,yadame onmoghe ham az pesare khosham nemiomad,alanam ke baad az chand sal didam,bazam hamon heso dashtam.:(
    khoda kone hichvaght mesle pesare nashim:(

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh dear mades me glad this post .im realy agree with u about that subject.i prefer to speak EN whit u for improving my EN i know im not good at EN...

  3. GhelGheli joon write in what ever language you like dear, I just love to read your comments :)