Monday, February 7, 2011

Clinique Review: High Impact Mascara

This is one of my favorite mascaras ever. I used other types from Clinique but this one is the best. It does have a simple wand ( nothing special at all) but there is something in there because my lashes look long and full and well separated. first I got this at one of their gift with purchase stuff  few years ago and loved it so much I repurchased again . I got  in another gift set and though it comes in small tubes ( in the Clinique gift bag), I used it for a long time. it is little pricey for mascara ( in my opinion) but little goes a long way. It does not flake and leave residue under my eye through a day.
I personally think that some of the drugstore mascaras ( like Cover Girl, Revlon, Maybelline,..) have good quality  and it is not necessary to buy those expensive ones ( like Dior, YSL,Channel...) . so this Clinique one  goes to higher brands mascaras for me ( maybe for you it's not). 
as a final comment I could say :this is one of my favorite products from Clinique. and I would repurchase but no time soon cause I already have one and still going strong.
What is your favorite mascara or have you ever been disappointed by one?!

Mania :)


  1. First of all thanks for sharing the useful information about mascara...I haven't used any of the Clinique products yet, my first choice was L'OREAL but now I am using the product of Dior however it is a bit expensive so I have to buy each product I need month by month...
    now i am looking for something good for skin! I want it to be good covering my skin since I have so many stains and Acne scars on my face! what would you recommend?
    thanks dear Mania

  2. Hi dear Mania
    I've just got to know you from Juliet weblog and i am so happy to find such a posetive and nice lady :) i've read all your post in one night :) i am also living in malaysia and planning to move to Canada :) i was using this amazing mascara also before (i am a fan of clinique skin products too and i am using some of them for about 4 years) it is great but then i found another drugstore mascara which is WOWWWWW :) its Loreal (COLLAGNE-Ultra Volume) it is really amazing and the best mascara ever i used (i tryed so many before) have a great day dear new friend :)

  3. @ Zahra, thanks dear for your lovely comments I am so gratefuller that Julliet introduced me to such lovely people. I heard many good things about Dior mascaras specially the new Dior show. but for me it is expensive and you could get so many good mascaras these days in a fraction of a price. I am still looking for a good foundation for my skin but I tried so many and I will write about them here soon:)

  4. @mamane khoshbakht, thanks for your lovely comment:) thanks to Julliet now I get to know so many intresting people from round a world , now I know what I should get next;) the l'oreal one is on my shopping list :)