Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Butterfly Effect

Saturday night we watched the movie " Butterfly Effect"  which is a psychological thriller. the movie is based on the theory of so-called Butterfly effect, which says "a small change may lead to much larger changes elsewhere". the movie has very small scenes of violence but not much.  in order to get the whole story it requires full attention. I liked the movie and it made me think about my own life. anything happened in the past ( small or big ) can change the our life pathway completely, something as small as a smile.
After we finished watching, we started to tell what was our own butterfly effect and where would be today if something else had happened. one of our friends said, it is like our life is a circle and we are at the center, we have so many  pathways to choose to get to the other side, but the slightest shift can change the whole route. 

I really recommend this movie, believe me it would make you think about your own life ;)


  1. Hi Dear Mania
    first of all thanks for introducing this movie im not sure that i,ll can find that in Iran or no,but because of my major,i knew about this theory,but infact i never thought about this theory such as you,i,really enjoy analysing from you,about our life, i know u think deeply about all things that can seems unrelated,
    by the way,about mascra that u recommend,u know i myself really like using mascra but i never use CLINICproducts,i always use MARALEZE goods,the only things about make up that makes me borry is how to clean it?
    have a good time dear Mania

  2. salam doostam
    chandroze karam kheli ziad shode shaba ke miam khone faghat miresam ke bllogeto bekhonam without cmn:(
    bayad bebakhshid mano,:* hatman in filmo dl mikonam va shanbe shab mibinam,:*
    Love you:*

  3. @ Ghazle, behet email zadam :) omidavaram ke khoobo khosh bashi doostam :x:x
    @ felfeli joon, merci az comment et azizam, man oomadam bloget barat mikhastam comment bezaram natoonestam nemidoonam chera ! hala baz emtehan mikonam :)

  4. I like watching psycological thriller. So i will download this film and i will watch it this we.