Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Best sunscreen ; In my opinion ;)

I 've been wearing sunscreen every day, since I was in high school, . the reason was that I have a very very tiny spot on my cheeks ( which is not visible looking with eyes)  and since I visited a dermatologist on regular basis when I was a teenager;he said to me it is because of the sun and he recommended to wear sunscreen everyday.
since then, I tested and used so many brands on this category and probably I don't remember all of them. I use SPF15 for everyday use and in summers when we go to the beach I go for higher SPF. 
But I think the use of sunscreen is a must for every body even in cloudy days; it protects the skin from damaging UV rays which could lead to premature skin aging, skin cancer or any other skin problems. 

As I said I used so many brands like Vichy, La Roche Posay, Avene, Biotherm, Neutrogena , Avenoo and other bunch which I don't remember.
So after using and testing I finally found my favorite ones, I've been using this for about 2 years now ( I think ) and I am at my 4th or 5th bottle.

Clean & Clear - Finishes Pore Perfecting Moisturizer SPF 15
One of the most important thing to keep in mind when you buy moisturizer or sunscreen is to be oil-free because no one wants to add any more to the skin or clogs the pores with them.  so here are my reasons for loving this product: 
1- It is moisturizer and sunscreen in one, which prevents adding layers of products.
2- It is oil-free; great because of the reasons I mentioned above.
3- It is such a light and fast absorbing product, so for days I just want to apply powder on top ( like powder foundation or blush) I don't have to wait for it to absorbs.
Final comments:
One thing that I did not quite understand from this products is its " pore perfecting" effect. it does not reduce the pores or their size in any way ( it is not "pore minimizing" in my opinion). I think it is called pore perfecting because it is oil-free so it does not clog on  pores and make them bigger, so some how it is pore perfecting ?!
I know there are so many possibilities of other brands out there or more expensive ones, but I think when I get what I want from this product ; why should I bother to get something else in much higher price.
So here is my opinions and thoughts on my own sunscreen, what about you ; do you wear sunscreen all the time or you just ignore it from time to time!?

Wish you all a great day 



  1. Thanks Mania for your recommendation! It was great!


  2. merciiiii goammesl hamishh alieeeeebood

  3. @ Negin & Juliet, thanks dears:) your comments make me happy :)