Friday, February 4, 2011

Clinique Bonus Time at The Bay ( from Feb. 9th to Feb. 27th)

A few days a go I got this in my mail box. It is a special bonus that is offered at Clinique counters at "The Bay" here in Canada. They offer gift with purchase of 26 $ and more. 
It is done 2 times a year ( I'm not sure though maybe more, but now I remember 2 times). one in February and one in summer times. There are other stores like "Holt Renfrew", Ogilvy and Sears. But there purchase limit is higher ( around 35$) and  honestly the gift is better. Usually if I want to get something for my self or for someone else as a gift I shop when they have gift offers cause by that  I can test some of their products and see If I want to get them next time. and getting gift always feels good specially when it comes in those nice make up bags ;)

With their bonus announcements comes a little and nice catalogue where they describes some of their best selling or new products. To be honest, Clinique is a hit and miss brand for me. some of their products I LOVE and repurchase but some of them were really a waste of money for me. 

I looked at the products and first of all the catalogue itself is very beautiful, fresh and gives the feeling of summer:)  there are 2 products that caught my attentions and here they are:
-Clinique Redness solution: Make up SPF15 with Probiotic Technology and redness vanishes instantly. In 4 weeks you'll see noticeably less redness even after you take it off ( all written from catalogue). 
-Clinique even better skin tone correcting moisturizer SPF20 ( this one will come in the gift bag, so I can try the small package and see if it works on me I would go get the big one)
So now, I have just one product on my wish list, not sure to get it though, we'll see. 

On the subject of Clinique products, I decided to write about the products that I loved or hated form Clinique, so far. I already wrote a review on their acne skin (link here). but there are still some others that I used, or maybe there are some that you used and could  tell me your opinions on them. so I will start a Clinique series.
Have you tried something from this line and what did you think of it?! I always love to hear your comments.


  1. salam azizam
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  2. hi i know u these dayes by JOLEIET,she introduse u ,im realy glad.i dont know what are u from ?but i m from IRAN....ohhhhhh recently i know u are from IRAN too hooooraaaaaaaaaaa

  3. @ Ghazale:) salam azizam, naboodi chand rooz , khoooobi ?! manam koli miss you shode boodam , manam lipstick hasho doost daram vali tahala khodam nakharidam :) kheili lab ro narm negah midare va inesh kheili khoobe , halesho bebari azizam :)

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