Monday, June 14, 2010

Review : Clinique Acne Solutions;cleansing foam and clarifying lotion

Hello , I'm back and decided to add reviews of products that use personally to my blog ...
Here is the review of the Clinique product that used for my acne.

In few months ago suddenly I stared to get break out again, specially in my cheek area where I have some pores and slightly sensitive skin.

I usually try OXY-5 for sudden breakout and it worked perfectly before, but with this new situation, it had not affected the breakouts at all and it made my skin very very sensitive, so I decided to look for something new.
I am a big fan of Clinique beauty products, but this was the first time I was trying something from their skin care line. so let's get to the point; here is my review:

I started using Clinique Acne solution cleansing foam (step1 ) and clarifying lotion (step2) at the beginning of March , minimum of once a day ( however sometimes I washed my face at night too). instead of acne solution clearing moisturizer (step3) I used my own oil-free moisturizer ( by Lise Watier).
I did not see the results very fast, even my breakouts got worse and increased surprisingly for the first 3 weeks.

After 1.5 months my skin started to be clear of breakout, it still has some spots (red tiny spots) from the breakouts. And it did not affected my pores ( I mean they did not get reduced or something)

 no dry out

 no redness due to acne medication

 cleaned the pores perfectly


did not see the results fast and still got acne

did not affected my pore sizes

Final comments:
For me was just a basic face cleansing step since it did not effected my acne fast enough. but it give you a perfectly clean and clear skin eventually. for my breakout treatments I won't probably go back to these.

Rating (out of 5): 2

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