Friday, March 5, 2010

some people only talk to you when they need something...

This is one of the things that bugs me most of the time and it really hurts. there are some types of people that are like that , they don't talk to you or don't ask you "how are you " and then boom they need something and all of the sudden they see you .
I had so many friends ! like that , some of them even does not answer you when I'm trying to be nice and ask how they're doing , but when I recieve email from them becasue they wanted to ask me something . how I should react; be cool and helpfull or ignore them like they always do .
I always did the first option because I'm that type of persons that can not ignore others  and also can not confront them about their bad behaviour.
but how you can fix that , or how you behave with these kinds of people !?!?

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  1. this is exactly what happens when i feel there is no one for myself in the world who really care for me .... people dont even reply to my "hello" when they dont need me. i never complained them about being so selfish but it really kills us sometimes .
    i m really trying hard to fix that from the core ideas that i have in my mind ...
    some of them are :
    i came in this world alone and i will go alone thats the bitter truth of our life but the moments we spend here in life depends on the persons we met in our life and how we spend our life .
    not everyone is like those people but i m a bit unlucky to have those people in my life who are so selfish .
    in todays time the more materialism is the reason for the people being selfish . even they themself dont know that they are doing that to me .
    lets help those people out there and not being selfish i need to love everyone unconditionally and with no single expectation at all . offcourse i spend my whole time when people need me but atleast some point in life they will understand if doesnt dont mind god is seeing me and with me everytime . so spread the love coz its in my soul that i behave like that and i should not supress my care for the people in my life . :)