Monday, July 5, 2010

Review: L'oreal lash serum

About a month ago ( to be exact 1.5 month) I purchased L'oreal lash serum from a drug store close by our home.I saw the commercial a few times and  was interested to try this product and since it was on sale ;) I decided to give it a try.
Personally I consider my lash to be long ( a little longer than average) but not full. on the package it was recommended to use it 2 times per day. in the past (42 days), I can say 70% of the times I wore 2 times per day the rest was just before bed time.

Here is the picture of my eye before starting. ( sorry for the color of the picture, it was at night time and I turned off the flash)

And here is the picture after 6 weeks of using:
first of all don't except miracles. personally I noticed my lashes got a little bit longer ( specially in the first 4 weeks) but I did not grew new lashes.
The best positive thing that I noticed was that I did not experience any lash loss ! anymore, because from time to time I saw single lash under my eye or after using eye make-up remover. I think it was because my roots got nourished.
you can apply it before putting your mascara or just by itself ( I used the second option most of  the time) because of it has kind of glossy effect it will make your lashed shiny a little. it is very light and kind of refreshing ! , however when I applied it it kind of stick my lashed together ( which I don't like ) so I usually use a clean brush to separate my lashes ( no big deal, I know for some people that won't be an issue at all).

so here are my overall points:

 very light materials, non-irritable, with glossy affect
you feel a slight (tiny) difference in the length
I noticed less lash fall out (specially when I am cleaning my eye make up)

 If you look for huge lash growth you will be disappointed
 Combine lashes together
 After a few weeks of application, it is kind of stop affecting your lashes
If you apply too much of it , it will leave white dry clumps on you lashes which I cleaned every time after application If I wanted to go out.
Price :15.99 CAN$ at Pharmaprix ( our drugstore here in Quebec);   I got it for 9.99 CAN$

Final comments: 
I will recommend trying it if you are looking for something simple and easy to condition your lashes ( but don't expect miracles, specially recommend to buy it on sale). I will finish the package that I have now , but probably won't buy anymore.

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