Thursday, July 8, 2010

L'Oreal Nail polish in "MANGO-GET-EM"

I got this new nail polish from L'Oreal  , since I am into coral and orange colors this summer. I never had used other colors from this line but I am very impressed. this is the color in the bottle and how it looks like on my nails. ( sorry for my extremely short nails, I took off my gels and since then my nails are breaking non-stop so I had to cut them short till they gain their strength again)
I used a "hard as nails" clear polish from "Sally Hansen" as base ( since I am trying to harden my nails) and then 2 coats of the nail polish and on top L'Oreal to coat polish .

I had this on Sunday and after  5 days they did not change at all ! they remained intact ,chip-free and shiny as the first day and I had my hand in the water probably a lot ( in the beach and washing a lot of vegetables) so I am very happy with this line and their top coat ( highly recommended) . I will probably get more colors.

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