Thursday, December 2, 2010

What I am reading now...

I love love  reading, sometimes I prefer it over a lot of things like watching TV or even shopping. so most of times when I am waiting or don't have anything to do, I read a book.
I don't read specific books, since I think people should try to know and experience as much as possible.  so sometimes I read books that are very deep and requires deep thinking and analyzing, but sometimes books that are very easy to read and follow or those that are too cheesy !

A few weeks ago I started reading "pretty little liars" series. I know it is a TV series, but I  preferred to read the book instead of watching its shows, in most cases. why? because I think you create a much better show with your imagination.
It is a small book, and easy to read. the story is about a group of teenage girls that are friends with another kind of popular, cool girl called Ali. and all of them told Ali some dark secrets about themselves. However Ali disappears and nobody knows what happened to her. after 3 years each of the girls ( which now separated from each other)  receive  notes about their secret with Ali's signature on it and threats to expose their secrets. so there could be 2 theories, the missing girl is alive and now black mailing those girls, or there is someone else other that Ali, that knew about the secrets; which personally I think it's the last one ( dah).
there are some themes and behaviors  in the book that I am surprised they are  done by some teenagers  (like sex, drugs, drinking, bulimia and shoplifting) but that is how the society are now and I think people  that passed that age ( like myself) should be aware of that.

I don't know how many books  there are in this series ( 8 maybe?!), I am still at first one. I only read on days that I go to gym and arrive early, so I have little time before my class starts and that is the time I spend reading. but If you stick with it you could finish each book in 1 day,since I told you it is a small book and light reading.
In overall, they are good mystery and exciting books and I recommend reading them. Enjoy!

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