Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cake Roll filled with pastry cream and fresh fruits

This is one of  the easiest and fastest cakes that involved pastry creams in my opinion. I went to a baking class for a few sessions in the summer when I was 12 years old ( it was really fun for me)  and this was one of the cakes that I learned to make there. the lady that was teaching us, had a cooking book ( written in Persian of course) called "آشپزی گلچین" which I still have and use it.
now enough with chit chat here is the recipe...

For the cake :
eggs at room temperature 6
sugar 6 tablespoon
flour 5 tablespoon
orange zest or vanilla

For the cream:
35% whipped cream 1 1/2 cup
fine sugar  1/2 cup ( if you don't have fine sugar go to the comments # 2 at the end of the post)
crushed walnuts, sliced banana and sliced pineapple (optional)

First step, heat up the oven in 300 C. take a big pan  (tray-ish pan) and cover it with wax paper.oil up the both sides of it.

Separate egg yolks and whites. in a clean bowl, mix the egg whites till they are ready ( to test it, move the bowl the egg white should not move at all). put them aside. in another bowl mix the egg yolks and sugars till they become soft yellow.add orange zests.
Very slowly pour egg yolks in the egg whites and gently mix them. after that, pour the flour little by little and gently mix  the batter.pour the batter in your pan and  spread them evenly in your pan and soften the surface.

Put it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. be careful if you over cook it it becomes dry and it won't be easy to roll it.after it's done, take out the pan and let it cool down.

Meanwhile, you can make the cream, pour the whipped cream and fine sugar in a bowl and mix them till the cream shape up ( to check that when you take out the mixer and the cream come out with a peak).

Cover the cake with a waxing paper and roll it once just to make sure it is soft enough to roll. separate the cake form the waxing paper. cover it completely with cream, fruits and walnuts.

Roll the cake and let it cool down in the fridge.


1- If you feel that you over cooked it and it is hard to roll it, take a clean, close to the size of your cake and slightly wet it with water. and spread the cloth on your cake and try to roll it with cloth. the moisture from the cloth helps softens the cake little.

2-Maybe you don't have fine sugars at home right now, so here is what I do all the time ( I never bought fine sugar). take sugar and put in the coffee grinder ( any type would do) grind the sugar for a few seconds and voila your fine sugar !

3- If you want you could cover the roll cake with white, chocolate cream or any other styles you like. if you want to leave it like the way I made,here is what I did. usually the side that is stick to the was papers does not come smooth as the other side of the cake. so you could turn and put the cream on the wax paper side ( of course after you removed the papers!) and leave the soft side outside. just to make everything more beautiful.

4- I did not make mine as a complete circle, but when you roll it you could adjust the shape, which I probably should have done!

Hope you try this and enjoy :)

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