Friday, December 3, 2010

Products I won't repurchase series- E1: More volume on the hair please

I have a small thing with my hair. my hair is naturally flat, like flat flat, no volume what so ever. so I always like to get some volume up there, and absolutely not a cheesy one. I tried so many different products that have a little mention of volume on them, in the different categories shampoo, conditioner, mouse, cream, gel, spay.
some of them worked which I will talk about at the end of the post in my current hair routine section but most of them brought disappointment or just did not do what I expected from them. so here they are:

1- TRESemme 24 HOURS BODY shampoo and conditioner:
 I bought the shampoo and conditioner at the same time, and with the title and everything I was thinking oh that would give me a lasting volume, otherwise why they wrote it there!
I bought them on sale each for around 3$ which is quite good for the amount of the product you're getting. then started to use it, nothing. I saw no difference at all from any non-volumizing shampoo. what the shampoo do, is try to get rid of the build up in your hair that reduces its volume, however it was getting rid of the good stuff in my hair too because after a while my hair started to look dry so I needed to use additional moisturizer to help the dryness. I was very very disappointed with those products. I looked the reviews and there are mix results so it is one of those products that give some people volume and give nothing to some.

I used half of the shampoo but little of the conditioner ( since I only use 1-2 pump of that). these 2 big bottles are  hunting me in the shower! so glad that I did not pay a lot for them, personally did not get good results from them.

2-MATRIX amplify volumizing system, thicklift liquid volumizer
This one is of those products that actually delivers what said. However my problem with it was that is is very thick. I applied it to towel dried hair and blow dried it, but by the time that I get to the top of my head, this thickens up and it is kind of hard to put the brush in my hair ( it made my hair hard and a piece of wood stick) . it gives you a good volume but not those kind of hair styles that you could run your fingers through cause you might get stock in there ;)

My current hair routine:
1- I use shampoos that has little bit of moisturizer in it, since my hair needs lots of it, but at the same time I don't want to get builds up in my hair since it reduces the volume. currently I am using "JOHN FRIEDA brilliant brunette"  shine release moisturizing shampoo. I will probably change it after it is finished and go to something else. I want to try PHYTO shampoo in the future.
2- I use "PUREOLOGY PURE VOLUME" hair conditioner. 
3- I put my hair in the towel and leave it like that for a while ( do other stuff in the meanwhile). after a few minutes I put "LIVE CLEAN ARGAN OIL" on my hair, focusing on the ends not the roots. 
4- Spray my hair with root-lifting product, currently "LA COUPE ROOT BLAST" texture and root lift spray . only in places that I want to get a little bit of volume ( just lift your hair and spray there) . since it is a spray, it is very light and you don't feel you have so much product in your hair. 
Then I use a heat protecting spray ( at this stage my hair is 90% dry) and  blow dry with a big round brush . 
5- If at the end I feel my hair has frizz in them I use one small pump of "L'OREAL EVER PURE SMOOTH FRIZZ-FREE SERUM" which is rarely. 

Hope it would be helpful to some people and wish you a happy, good hair day !

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