Monday, January 25, 2010


it's been more than 2 weeks that we cut off our cable, so we are officially TV-less. the cut back was necessary because we felt we are watching TV a lot even when there was nothing on. of course I miss some of it like HBO, food network but I'm ok now ;)
I'm still watching and following my shows but online and the new thing that we tried is that we started to rent dvd from our library ( we did that before but now is more often ) and we watch them whenever we want . so we now are at  the end of 30 Rock , season 1 ( which is  so funny by the way and  we loved it , I know a lot of people do ) and next week will be big love :). I watched 2-3 eposides of the last season when we had HBO and I really liked this show, it is one of the best. so I decided to watch them all.
I watched some of heroes but not from beginning, in the middle.   I don't know I'll start from the beginning maybe I just follow it from now on .though  I  have to find out what season is on now.
so here is the list of the shows that I choose to watch from now : Dexter, bored to death, hunk,  the adventures of old Christine ( I followed it before till season 2).and I am more tv person compared to my husband, I don't know he is gonna follow them with me hope he does.
 less TV ( or manageable TV ) means me-time which I used for reading, painting and things that I like.

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