Monday, December 7, 2009

we change..

Monday ...I don't hate Mondays but rather dislike them. I should try to like them ;believe me I'm trying but no changes so far..
last night me and my husband went out for dinner some place called sacwich , which is basically a sandwich in a sac, but they taste very good . I think it's a sauce because it's a special sauce (they call it Italian sauce) with some herbs and it smells and tastes great ...
I did not bake last night but cooked our today lunch.
this morning I was reading something on the web when I came across this sentence "things don't change, we change " and I was thinking it's true. we all change but most of us try to explain these changes by looking around us not ourselves. I 'm looking at myself and could think of several examples which I said to myself that "things changed " but really I'm the one that changed. sometimes for the good and sometimes not that good actually. ..
I'm happy about the change that I'm starting to see in myself these day and I hope to get better every day ..
have a good week

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