Tuesday, December 8, 2009

movie talk "Julie and Julia" and ...

this weekend we saw Julie and Julia; it was a nice movie specially the Julia parts. I love Meryl Streep, she is such a great actress, and she can pull of any role.
In the movie there was part that I enjoyed very much , where Julie had a fight with her husband and he left him ,she was in a bar with her friend and she told her that yeah you’re a bitch..! . I liked that honesty and the fact that she did not get offended. I never had any friend that could tell me my mistakes or tell me how they really felt about me, I never had a courage to tell someone something that I was not nice. I always think that if you don't have something nice to say just say nothing. and that's bad because I know that some of my friends said bad stuff behind my back ( I don't care that they were lie or not, I preferred they told me in my face) and of course I never had a courage to confronted them about those lies. that's very bad, I really like to have a close girlfriend that I could talk to about girls stuff and be able to share my feelings with them sometimes but I don't.how they could be found !?
another point that I never got was why Julia said that Julie's work was disrespectful!? she wrote a book for other people to use it and Julie was using it , maybe she taught that Julie is judging here book and her work ( or herself) by cooking all the receipts or something like that. but through out the movie it showed how strong Julia was and cared about other people feeling , why she said that about Julie I did not understand.

yesterday I went to the gym and did cross trainer for an hour , 20 min of cycling and 1 hour of belly dancing which was fun. but in the middle of the night I woke up from a bad dream ( which I explain later ) combined with a feeling that my legs are disconnecting from my body . it was painful but not only in my legs, the pain was all over my body. I know I should have a program in the gym and stick with it (or not?!?!) but sometimes the machines are not free so I do whatever else is free and also after 30 min of cardio I still have energy so I continue. so the results of this much of cardio would show itself in the middle of the night.;)
I 'll talk about my bad dreams parts some other time. because now I'm leaving and tonight I'm going to bake ,hooora..(I'll take a picture and post it here tomorrow)

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