Sunday, December 6, 2009

new version of me and new cake

today I'm working. I don't like to work on weekend but sometimes we have to do something that we don't like. and something else that I 'm not very happy about is that I missed my Yoga class today which is a result of being little lazy. I came to school around 10:30 and my Yoga class was at 13:45 so I had to go to downtown ( by metro or car) and  then come back here to finish my work . so I decided to skip it instead.
I started this class about a month ago , 3 sessions a week and I'm so happy to say that I connected with it very fast and saw its results . in regular basis I'm a sensitive and nervous person . for sensitive part let me just say that people's behaviors towards me affect me very much . but now I feel more relaxed ..and refreshed
last night I baked a new cake which named " chai coffee cake" . I loved it and we took it to our friend's home where we were hanging out . because we don't have any cake at ours now I think I'm going to bake something else . I did not decide yet . tonight is also the cooking night . I hope I finish sooner so I could get to all that

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