Friday, August 12, 2011

Perfume of memories: J'adore by Dior

Hello lovelies,
Hope you all had a great day and Happy Friday :) today post will perfume related, I wanted to do this post for long time, since I always enjoy reading or talking about perfume with others and discover new ones.
Perfume has always been a very dear subject for me and most of them (or actually all of them) carries a part of my life, memories ( good or bad) and special persons. I personally don't go buy perfume because I need to (cause frankly I don't really need another one), I get them on special occasions since they will carry memories for me, I don't know if that make scene to anyone but other than me.
Yesterday when I was looking through my perfume stuff, I noticed that each one of them comes with their own story and thinking about them made me smile :)

I keep the ones that I use usually on my dresser in a gold tray that I got years ago,the rest are in the drawer ( mostly the seasonal ones). I don't use the same perfume everyday because I personally get used to it so I don't notice it at all on myself and that may be dangerous in case of over spraying ;)
So I will stop rambling now and talk about my absolute favorite:
This is probably my most worn and also my signature scent. I had gone through 5-6 bottle of these and currently have 3 (for some reason!!!) and 2 unopened ones; it's J'adore by Dior.

It was launched by the design house of Christian Dior in 2000 and I got my first one in 2004 from my guy ( currently my hubby but back then was not yet). I think he knew me pretty well back then,because I fall in love with it as soon as I got the package ( yes it was that gorgeous). it came in a big gold box containing one Eau de Perfume, one small gold perfume for purse and one body lotion.

well I am not very good at describing scent so be prepared, I am going to butcher it: it is a fresh flowery fragrance. to be exact, it's a blend of floral orchids, violets, rose and blackberry musk ( as said on Dior website). it is a rather strong scent so one spray is often enough for me. it is very feminine, not too sweet not too musky, just perfect. it is like one of those classic things that everyone should own once in their life like trench coat. I get so many complements when I wear it so it must goes perfectly with my skin.
I have another one in Eau de Toilette which is much lighter compared to original one and has more freshness to it rather than floral scent, much better for summer time.
Well that is all for today's perfume talk :)  So what is your signature scent girls, love to hear about your favorite ones.
Have a great weekend 


  1. I love your perfume collection. You have displayed it so beautifully. That silver tray is gorgeous.I know exactly what you mean by perfume and memories. There is a very strong connection.I'm so glad Jadore works for you.Its a lovely floral.Very dewy and not too sweet. Unfortunately It is horrid with my skin chemistry.LOVED this post.

  2. @ Pandora`s Box well I can never write about perfume like you do ;) I understand what you mean it could be too much on some skins:) did you try the light version too it is quite fresh & much lighter xxx

  3. sala doostam khobi?
    kamelan movafegham ba booye atro khatere.....rastesh atr az vaghti ke ba shooshoo ashna shodam jojve kadoohaye aslim bude ,bekhatere hamin ashgeh atramam :)))))
    atrhaye ke hamishe mizanam avali ke ekhtesasiye khodame va taghriban hame mano ba in boo mishnasan Coco chanel & Euphoria hastesh ,ke asheghe in 2 ki ham parsal tavalodam shooshoo behem kadoo dad Flora by cucci kheli doosesh daram .

  4. @ghazaleh joon, salam doostam khooobi ?!vaaay man ashege Coco Mademoiselle hastam , kheili tarife flora ro shenidam bayad beram boosh konam :)

  5. Wait for the surprise honey :)