Monday, August 15, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Hello lovelies,
hope you all had a great weekend. mine almost had everything I wanted: fun, relaxing, great food and great company. 
This week I am not planning to cook anything, but I still eat ;) just there won't be any specific plans. I am planning to bake something that I absolutely love but never tried and it is "Blubbery and almond tart". hopefully it will turn out to be good. I think this is one of the most rambling post I ever posted ;) but thought it would be good to just catch up with you. my hubby is out of town this week so I will be all by myself and trying to catch up on some of my chick-flick tv shows or programs :) I will "try" to rearrange and clean my closet which has been screaming my name for a  couple of weeks now but I tried to ignore it as much as possible. 
So that is for me this week, hope you all have great week :)

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