Monday, August 8, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Hello lovelies, 
I hope you are all well, and had a splendid weekend. here was super hot ( I am not complaining though), water park kinda weather but did we go to the water park, NO. I insisted that we should go blueberry picking,went there even though it was hot I still insisted we should definitely go and pick the blueberries instead of just buying the already picked ones. 

It was super hot that I felt my face was melting, right after the activity of blueberry picking we went to the beach did some BBQ and cooled off there. here is the picture of the beach, it was just so beautiful. might go there again next week. 
This is me, checking the map and repeating "are we there yet" every 30 sec.

and here is the view of the lake, isn't it beautiful :)

Now it is Monday again so let's talk about this week's menu:
Monday :  Roasted sausage and tomato with herbs and garlic
Tuesday Beef Ravioli Lasagna
Wednesday : Foil-packet Fish 
Thursday :  Chicken Stroganoff
Friday: Tuna spaghetti
This week I am cooking the roasted sausage again, this time with different sausage ( mushroom and cheddar) which we picked up from market Sunday. I  also participate in Laura's Menu Plan Monday post. as the week progresses I will update this post with the pictures and if you like to know more details about any of the recipes please let me know ;)

Have a great week everyone :)



  1. Blueberry picking sounds lovely.Hope you picked basketfulls:) Beautiful beach you've got there and your menu plan is always mouthwatering.

  2. @Pandora`s Box , thanks dear , I tried to make my basket as full as possible ;) have a fabulous week hun xxx