Friday, August 5, 2011

L'Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadow

Hello lovelies,
hope you all enjoying your beautiful summer days. today's post will be on one of my recent purchases which is "La Couleur Infallible" eyeshadow by L'Oreal. 
I 've been noticing the new eye-shadow stand at L'Oreal section for a few months now, each time I pass them I try some of the colors on the back of my hand ( well by time I left my hand looked like it was hit by a glitter bomb) but still did not really see the need to buy these. because 1st of all I am not a big fan of glittery eyeshadows that much (specially at this intense level) and 2nd I honestly don't need any more makeup stuff  in my life at this moment. 
But finally I gave up and got one color which could be one of the most boring ones but I liked it and I think this is the one I could wear the most and it's called Hourglass Beige.

The shadow itself looks like a packed glitter, but the glitters are soft and not chunky at all.  this one is a very light gold-white color (very nice color description by me)  I used my fingers to apply it all over my lid, then in the outer V I used a brown color from a palette by Lancome called La Vie en Rouge (the color is called guess list which is a slight shimmery brown). 

Now let's look at them in action, I used only one layer though since it was a day look but as I said you could build it up as much as you like :)
this is just one layer of Beige eyeshadow and please try to ignore that annoying fallen eyelash ;) 
this is the complete look 

Let's start with the good: it is very smooth, the glitters won't fall off like some powder shadows, very pigmented. I also liked the packaging, it is small and efficient. 
Now to the bad: although it supposed to be long lasting, it is not. I noticed it creasing after about 3hr. as I told you I had another shadow on the outer V, but that color stayed put, the L'Oreal one was creasing from under ( which was looking pretty funny ). I didnot use an eye primer, I rarely use though.Another thing is that I liked to see more colors in that range or maybe some less glittery ones, I don't know maybe that's just me. 
There are some pretty colors there like the green, or navy ones which both looks gorgeous with brown eyes. maybe I get those too, not sure yet, will see.
So this is all for today :) have a great Friday everyone and don't forget to enjoy your weekend;)


  1. Well for starters, i love ur pic with fallen eyelash on side. so so cute. Secondly i'm not a glitter fan myself, but i'm really loving this color...i mean really.

  2. @Aiman, thank you dear for your sweet comment. yeah I know what you mean about the glitter but this one is on the safe level of glitter and easy to handle ;)