Thursday, July 21, 2011

30 days sugar challenge

Hello lovelies,
well as I told you, Monday was my last day of 30 days sugar free challenge. and I am very proud to say that I finished it successfully. I personally know that I had sugar addiction and never denied it, I ate at least one piece of cake everyday because first I love cakes and 2nd I love baking. I also have very soft spot for ice-creams in hot summer nights. and that's it, not a chocolate fan or anything. 
We all know that sugar is bad for the health and it causes a slow and unnoticeable damage through out the years, so I will not go into that subject.
But it is not easy to quite sugar because we all know everything with sugar taste good and makes us happy. I did not think I could do it, specially the first week was the hardest, It affected me both physically and emotionally. the first days I was literally shaking ( which started around 3 pm) and no matter how many fruits I took it was not enough. 
After a while craving was almost gone, there were still times that I really wanted something, the crazy situations were when I wanted something that I barely eat on normal days (like chocolate). but eventually you kinda forget the taste of sweet stuff and it would get easier. 
One of the hard parts was with being with friends and they were all trying not have anything sugar related in front of me, and which made me uncomfortable because I hate to be the cause of suffering in other people and I was really ok with not having sugar myself.
Now it is finished, the fist sip of sugar I had was a huge shock to me and I said " I can't have this it is too much sugary for me!!". but I am not gonna lie sugar will always will be the part of my life, however this challenge definitely affected my habit in a good way.
Now I don't crave sugar like a crazy addict, I had a small piece of blueberry muffin yesterday ( which I baked myself) and that was it as far as my cake addiction. I had Nutella  for breakfast though and a slice of Kit-Kat and that was it since Monday. 
I pay more attention to labels now, try to avoid the unnecessary sugar as much as possible. take things like pistachio, almonds, walnuts ( all those healthy stuff) as snack which are quite satisfying. 
For me this challenge was turned out to be very positive, and as I see it the less you eat the less you crave.
So break a habit and start a new step to a better health all you out there :) I am sure you will like what you see at the end.
Hope you all have a great day, and by the way here is almost 45C which is crazy for Montreal but me loving every second of it :)


  1. Congratulations hon. You did it.Takes willpower. The best way to beat sugar craving for me is having slices of apples with cinnamon powder sprinkled on top.Or if it`s cold and I`m craving something warm and gooey. Again apple stewed with cinnamon. Cinnamon is good for increasing insulin and decreasing blood sugar levels.This combo also gives an illusion of having some warm apple pie.Win Win.

  2. Dear Mania
    I am very proud of was really exiting to read this post...I am not very into a special type of taste like sweet or oily or salty...
    but the point is that I have a bad habit(not about eating) that is I always crack my fingers (I am not sure whether this is a correct phrase for this action or not) that you are talking about challenging oneself and quitting bad habits,I am thinking of it(however I have tried several times and no success!) I will be glad if you have any information on this and could share and help me...

  3. afariiiin dooostam,eyval

    man ham az mahe dge inkaro shoro mikonam,in mah nemishe chon mamano khaharam omadan inja ....
    vali sakhteeeeeee :((((

  4. @Pandora`s Box thanks hun, great tips I am going to try it :)
    @Zahra joon , hope you're feeling better dear xoxo, I suggest try to decrease your bad habits by replacing it gradually by something else & after a while you kinda forget about it, be patient bc it is not easy & take times, good luck dear, love :)
    @Ghazale joon, thanks dear yess it was hard but now I am so happy, you could do it I am sure :) have fun & enjoy your times with family xoxo

  5. I am so proud of you Mania. You have a very strong will. You are right suggar affects your health a lot. Now you know and you will pay attention to suggar. Beeing in a good heath. I told you many times suggar was not good for me... Seriously bravo again again and again...
    I think i will do the same things not with suggar but i will do a challenge. Bisous

  6. Well done, sugar is white poison, we should kick out this form our diet... :)

  7. @Asma & Marie, thank you so much for your kind comments :)

  8. Hi Mania,

    It's really a great job that you did! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have inspired from your challenge projects and started a challenge! I decided to exercise with my stationary bicycle to burn 650 calaries per day, even in the weekends. I started on June 21 and will continue for a month.

    It's not as hard as your chalenges but I think it's a good start;)

  9. @ Negin: wow bravo negin joon, that is really hard but since I know you're an excellent cyclists I am sure you will finish great :) love you xoxo