Monday, May 9, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Hello my lovely friends,
I don't know if you have ever come to that point in your cooking life or not, the moment that you have no idea what to make. I have and very frequently. so It's been quite few years now ( all my married life and even before that when I was at far from home at university) that I've been setting a weekdays food plan. I go out of the house every morning and by the time I 'm finished with work and workout time, it's about 8:30 at night. so when I get home I don't really want to stand in the kitchen and start to think about what to make for dinner and preferably next day lunch. 
So we have a thing in our house, every Saturday we set a menu for our next week according to our available ingrediants and also set a list for our groceries.since I am into trying new things all the time, during our menu planning I look into numerous cooking books looking for ideas.our menu plan is actually for 5 days from Monday to Friday since in weekends we do go out most of times specially since the weather is getting better and better. sometime we have our friends over and I cook then other than that we are not very specific on weekends. I decided to post my menu plan every week here and join Laura on her weekly posts. also I would like to here yours if you have :)
Monday : Russian Salad sandwich ( same as Olivier salad )
Tuesday : zucchini, tomato pizza
Wednesday Chicken Schnitzel sandwich
Thursday spaghetti with meatballs
Friday : Green bean with Rice ( Lubia Polo, a Persian dish) 
That's all for this week menu plan, hope you all have a great week
Update: here are the picture of what we had :


Tuesday ( before the oven)

Thursday ( I did not cook with meatballs I ended up using ground meat and vegetables)



  1. salam azizam
    che fekre khobi :) manam bayad haminkaro konam.
    vali optionham kam hast chon fer nadarm :P
    vali liste ghazaee man dar toole hafte ine mamolan vali roze mshakhasi nadare hala bayad vaseye harooz ye chizo dar nazar begiram ke rahat besham,list ghazaha ke dar hafte mikhorim:
    loobia polo (ghazaye delkhahe shooshoooojan)
    fesenjoon(male khodam)
    adas polo
    mahi va sabzi polo
    meygoo (mamolan 1 bar dar hafte na bishtar )
    Indonesian rice ba morgh
    va dar akhar ham ya gheyem ya ghorme sabzi
    hala bayd hameye inaro bechinam to rozaye hafte ke mogheye ashpazi gij nasham :))

  2. vaay ghazaleh joon, to ba in menu t ke mano koshty, hamash ghazaye khoshmaze :)) delam zaf kard , rastesh in hafte menu man aslan ghazaye fer dar nadasht ;) vali hamash ghazahaye fast dasht va koli be list ghazahat hasoodim shod ... ma joftemoon kheili berenji nistim vali hafte ii yebar ro ghazaye berenji darim mamoolan :) noshe joonetoon khoshbehalet shooshoot ke inhame ghazaye khoshmaze mikhore too ye hafte ;)

  3. Maniajoon are khlei khobe ghazaha ,khodaeesham khoshmaze mishe ,vali hamashun berenjiye,va aslan dooost nadadrm in mozoro,bayad ye taghire asasi bedam kole liste,hala bayad begardam ,ye seri ghazahaye gheyre berenji peyda konam :) age chizi gheyre berenji midoni be man begu.:)

  4. ghazale joon az ghazahaye sanwhich shorooe kon, yavash yavash, ye ghazahaye berenji o hazf kon, masalan har hafte yekisho :) ya age mahi dorost mikoni, mitooni bejaye berenj ba sabzijat bokhorin kenaresh :)